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    EMame-P800 v1.0 Released

    By XXLEnigma,

    EMame-P800 (Mame for the SonyEricsson P800) version 1.0 has been released http://www.yipton.net/. For some screenshots and information on this emulator please visit here also.


    Thanks goes to Bish for the news.

    UltraHLE 2064 1.0 Released!

    By XXLEnigma,

    UltraHLE 2064 is an unofficial update of the Nintendo 64 emulator UltraHLE for Windows.



    * Added cheats dialog (_aprentice_)

    * Cheats support (_aprentice_)

    * Added Detection for 115 high level calls (_aprentice_)

    * Multiple cheats support per description (_aprentice_)

    * Automatic rom detection for cheats dialog (_aprentice_)

    * Added 'Demo','Beta','JU' to rom country list and improved 'EUR' (_aprentice_)

    * Converted UltraHLE to C++ (_aprentice_)

    * "Filename" removed from listbox (_aprentice_)

    * Total ui code rewrite (_aprentice_)

    * Made UHLE use CRC instead of romheader (_aprentice_)

    * sorting by filename added to rom browser (_aprentice_)

    * Romlist caching to romlst.dat (_aprentice_)

    * Gui multithreading support (_aprentice_)

    * Tons of game specific fixes (DominaTor)

    * Many games optimization hacks (DominaTor)

    * Added Detection for 16 high level calls (DominaTor)

    * Fixed bug where sound didnt play in Hybrid heaven, fzero, smash bro (DominaTor)

    * Fixed major bug in cpu (DominaTor)

    * Added experimental fix for pokemon stadium pocket monsters jap's intro, now shows gfx (DominaTor)

    * Added experimental x86 -> Mips optimization level (DominaTor)

    * Removed some useless code (DominaTor)

    * Converted video and sound code to zilmar spec (Hacktarux)

    * Zilmar spec video plugin use xengine plugins (it's possible to choose the api) (Hacktarux)

    * Added cpu usage for audio and video (Hacktarux)

    * old endianess bug in zelda jpg background fixed (Hacktarux)

    * Added Yoshi Story ucode S2DEX, video now supports yoshi story (Hacktarux)

    * New blending modes (McLeod)

    * 16 bits rendering support, if 32 bits rendering fails (McLeod)

    * Dithering in 16 bits mode (McLeod)

    * Added compatibility for cards don't support 'ARB_multitexture' OpenGL extension (McLeod)

    * Changed ucode detection method (McLeod)

    * Added dlist op for zelda (McLeod)

    * Fixed some dlist ops -> Fixed FZERO-X flashing (McLeod)

    * Fixed black textures problem in most of F3DEX 2.x games (McLeod)

    * Emulated 32 bit precision sin,cos, and sqrt (McLeod)

    * Fixed bug in cpu (McLeod)

    * Fixed Invalid vertex load (McLeod)

    * Added ucode detection based on crc (McLeod)

    * Added more lighting ops (McLeod)

    * Added Partial Flashram support (McLeod)

    * Added partial support for perfect dark in video (McLeod)

    * Added pif2 support (McLeod)

    * Added some missing cpu opcodes (McLeod)

    * Added Region detection (McLeod)

    * Changed blending in uhle plugin (McLeod)

    * Added interpreter mode (Castlevania) (McLeod)

    * Pokemon JPEG-DCT workaround (McLeod)

    * Added ERET, BREAK, SYSCALL opcodes (McLeod)

    * Preliminary exceptions handling (McLeod)

    * Some grafics calls HLE'd (McLeod)

    * Partial Mempak support (McLeod)

    * Sram, eeprom support compatible with PJ64 (McLeod)

    * Added CIC boot chip detection (McLeod)

    * Simulated another video interrupt call(McLeod)

    * Auto detection for SLIST type (PsYKo)

    * SLIST Reset Added (PsYKo)

    * Simulated another display processor call (PsYKo)

    * Added Detection for 15 high level calls (PsYKo)

    * Added some fixes for zelda mom (PsYKo)

    * Added fixes for rom PI transfers. (PsYKo)

    * Added Detection for 2 high level calls (Quvack)

    * Added French, Italian and Spanish flags to ListView ImageList (Quvack)

    * Made it so Uhle recognises the French, Italian and Spanish roms and displays them with the approperiate flag and title in the RomBrowser (Quvack)

    * Fixed the File/Open bug (Quvack)

    * Converted UHLE code to OpenGL Plugin (tb)

    * Added fog, decal, and correct multitexture blending to OpenGL plugin (tb)

    * Added plugin configuration dialog (tb)

    * Added Audio Plugin Support (tb)

    * Added Video Plugin Support (tb)

    * Added Input Plugin Support (tb)

    * Added pif support (tb)

    * Various bug fixes (tb)

    * Added SRAM support (tb)

    * Speed Increase for TNT2 cards (tb)

    * Z decal fixed for tnt2 and ati cards (tb)

    * Fixed texture env modes, now everything looks fine (tb)

    * Added missing blending function (goldeneye, etc.) (tb)

    * Zip Support (Contributed by Dave2001)

    * Spaces Fix (Contributed by Dave2001)


    Get it at - http://www.ultrahle2064.com/

    Raine 0.37.1 Released!

    By XXLEnigma,

    Raine is a arcade emulator for Windows, DOS & Linux.



    * source/games/xsystem2.c: fix coin bugs in plumppop and tnzs by taking the "mcu simulation" from mame. Interesting code, by the way...

    * source/: profile.h, alleg/profile.c, gui/about.c: show an estimation of your cpu frequency in the about dialog (?! icon) after you have loaded at least one game.

    * source/games/macrossp.c: fix company, add more cycles to avoid slow downs, and fix non transparent sprites (are there really some ?)

    * source/games/hyperpcb.c: hyperpac is now working (thanks to mame for the "mcu simulation" !) Also, speed hacks for hyperpac and hyperpcb are now working correctly.

    * source/games/default.c: force recalibration of the rdtsc timer everytime we run a new game. This fixes bad music speed of some games when you had run outzone as your first game in raine.

    * source/: sound/sasound.h, alleg/sasound.c, alleg/soundcfg.c, seal/sasound.c: remove all the low level sound parameters from raine.cfg, and put safe values in the source instead (I hope these ones are safe at least !).

    * source/games/gunbird.c: fix the bad colours in s1945 demo. It was because the sprites need to be delayed by 2 frames.

    * source/timer.c: fix a very bad bug with periodic timers. It fixes music speed in tengai and strikers 1945.

    * source/config.c: display info about 16bpp games (in -listinfo)

    * source/games/nmk.c: - remove useless draw_acrobatm and fix bad sprites (in acrobatm, but maybe it affects other games too).

    - fix -listinfo for tdragon2 and macross2

    - fix bad layer in acrobatm (alignement ?)

    - add function keys F5-F8 to toggle manually layers (for those who are inteerested !).


    Get it at - http://www.rainemu.com/

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