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    By XXLEnigma,

    What is Retroid? Retroid is a planned professional retrogaming magazine (inc. emulation), which will have many columns from many respected writers, remake coders, collectors and many more.


    What we would like to see is how our readers and visitors around the world feel about a magazine like this appearing...


    Would you like to see a retrogaming magazine alongside the successful magazines in the mainstream?


    If you would like to SUPPORT this idea then please visit the survey HERE or click the logo above :evil:


    Also, please visit our forums dedicated to this idea HERE and post your thoughts? (This forum page will be viewed by the publishers, so lets make a statement!)


    Remember that if there is demand for it, it WILL arrive. Remember this magazine is NOT ran by me or anyone at Emuunlim.com (but by a close friend, who runs a successful gaming magazine), so it means that we would like EVERYONE involved in bringing this to life.


    Spread the word...


    COMENTS HERE - http://www.emuunlim.com/forums/showthread....p?threadid=2376

    ClrMamePro v2.85.1 Released

    By Mag,

    The Rom management utility for MAME has yet updated again..Here's the following changes:


    -fixed: crash when doing a full-zip-integrity check on samples


    For more info or download, click here

    NesterDC V7.1 Released

    By Alpha,

    One of the great emulator for the Dreamcast Console has been updated and released..Here's the following changes:




    *almost fullspeed emulation

    * sound emulation

    * extra sound emulation

    * optimized PPU emulation

    * optimized CPU emulation

    * optimized bank switching

    * FDS emulation (need disksys.rom)

    * normal NES save to VMU (with compression)

    * statesave to VMU (with compression)

    * statesave to Dreamcast memory (as temporary save)

    * game genie

    * NNNesterJ cheat code

    * 4players game

    * autofire

    * NES reset

    * adjust Dreamcast's screen position

    * NES external devices

    - Family Keyboard (controlled by Dreamcast Keyboard)

    - Optical Gun (controlled by Dreamcast Controller, Dreamcast Mouse)

    - Space Shadow Gun (controlled by Dreamcast Controller, Dreamcast Mouse)

    - Hyper Shot (controlled by Dreamcast Controller)

    - Crazy Climber (controlled by Dreamcast Controller)

    - Microphone (controlled by Dreamcast Controller)

    - Arkanoid Paddle (controlled by Dreamcast Mouse)

    - Mahjong Controller (controlled by Dreamcast Keyboard)

    * Dreamcast devices

    - Dreamcast Controller

    - Arcade Stick

    - Dreamcast Keyboard (jp106 only)

    - Dreamcast Mouse

    - VGA

    - VMU

    * directories on CD-ROM filesystem (in ROM select menu)

    * display information on VMU LCD.

    * VMU remove menu. (you can erase VMU data easily)

    * virtual maple port binding on Dreamcast Controllers. (you can bind DCNES controllers correspondence, like binding Dreamcast Controller #2 as NES Controller #0).




    * Dreamcast device support

    - Dreamcast Light Gun

    - Dreamcast Keyboard (except jp106)

    - Dreamcast Racing Controller

    - Dreamcast Twin Stick

    - etc...

    Known Bugs

    * generate petit-noise on Kirby-adventure, Hoshi-no-kirby.


    Download it here!


    Credited To: Magnis

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