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    BGB V0.87 Released

    By Mag,

    One of the good GB/GBC emulator has been updated..Here's the following changes:


    -added experimental TCP game link support.


    For more info or download, Click here

    RockNES 2.40 Released!

    By XXLEnigma,

    RockNES is a NES emulator for DOS & Linux. Only the DOS binary has been updated.



    * More internal changes and rewrites;

    * NES joypad latch was not being cleared if the input type is joystick;

    * Fixed a mistake on movie play status (bleh);

    * Fixed a stupid loading bug for trained ROMs;

    * Fixed ppu address reset behaviour (Rambo is okay);

    * Fixed MMC3 IRQs (yay, finally);

    * Allowed mapper IRQs to trigger on scanline 240 (fixes a few games);

    * Added a specific fix for Rad Racer games (the road is okay);

    * Fixed 8-sprites ppu flag;

    * Fixed filenames to dump chr data;

    * Small PSG and color emphasis/monochrome optimizations;

    * GFX corruption (like map#226) has been fixed;

    * Changed joypad data reading behaviour;

    * Changed to compile with the newest stable Allegro release;

    * Changed some filenames for dumping RAMs;

    * Minor core cleanups, bug fixes and cosmetic changes.


    Get it at - http://rocknes.kinox.org/

    Neco 0.11 Released!

    By XXLEnigma,

    Neco is a PC Engine emulator for Windows & BeOS. Only the Windows binary has been updated.



    - Handle Zip files to load ROMs or skins


    Emulator (Video):

    - Backgrounds X/Y Masks -> Less weird gfx

    - Raster Compare -> Modification of a value -> Better vertical scrolling


    Emulator (CPU):

    - Banks Masks on TAM -> Less crashes

    - Interruptions -> Addresses pushed are not decremented

    - Some instructions fixed (TRB($1C))



    - Menu Added

    - More fonts (ViewBars)

    - Background Color or Image

    - Cursor Image

    - Minimization of views

    - File Dialog to open files

    - Key events restructuration (use of pointers to methods)

    - Surface Resizement


    Configuration File:

    - Set numbers of instructions to be displayed

    - Set the number of cycles to execute before starting Neco

    - Set a breakpoint


    Get it at - http://etud.epita.fr:8000/~tching_v/dev/neco/

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