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  1. Gunbarich is a new psikyosh game, so 32 bits only, it's a crazy breakout, but with the standard joystick as input. Except that the fixes : - fixed loading roms from internet archive when there are multiple rom names known and the 1st is not the one in internet archive, I noticed this one while doing a new raine install at a friend's... ! This bug was added in 0.96.2 because I wanted to have a visible error when the rom size wasn't found, well it wasn't found for all these games with multiple names ! - fixed a crash in the 32 bits version when trying to use any game using the 6502 cpu, there was a conflict between the 6502 and the sh2 because of an endif and a misplaced break... ! Also I started to add daraku, but this one uses a new type of layer, with line/row scroll too, so it's too much for me for now, the game is loadable, but doesn't work. http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
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