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  1. I've been thinking about the sh2 in raine for quite some years now, but I finally got a binary which starts to work. The motivation is simple : there are quite a few modern arcade games which use this cpu, and it's an interesting one, what the 68k cpus could look like if they had evolved towards the risc family of cpus. For now my choice was to use the gens sh2 emulator from there : http://www.gens.me/downloads.shtml It's a pure x86 asm emulator like in the old raine days, but the criteria of choice was that it's the only one which is open source and usable directly with some documentation and no need to extract the emulator from a big project, it's really the only one of its kind in this category. After a few expected problems I was able to add "gunbird 2" and "strikers 1945 iii", which are fully playable, but in 32 bits only then. Now the surprise is that I have some serious bugs with some more sh2 games, like tetris grand master 2, no sound at all, and the game hangs when the music is supposed to start. At first I thought it was a problem with the sound chip emulation, but after a long investigation, it's not. In this case, it's a problem in the sh2 emulation. Fixing it would probably be impossible, or I'd have to be very lucky, the 1st big problem is to find the instruction causing this, and since it doesn't crash but just has a bad behavior it's not going to be easy at all. So now I am wondering : should I release this 32 bits binary anyway now ? I think it's not a bad idea anyway, even if I later change the sh2 emulation used... There is a big heat wave here anyway for now, so I'll wait until the temperature cools down to decide, but comments welcome anyway ! If I change the sh2 emulation, my next choice would either be kronos, yabause (these 2 are actually related), or mame. 1st choice would probably be kronos, there is a "simple" sh2 emulator in it, with a more advanced one, the simple one would allow to at least test the games with problems. The version in mame might not be so hard to extract, not sure about it really, things can get really messy in mame.
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