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  1. - An amazing bug was fixed which made it impossible to run a game from the command line in windows... and it's been here for very long. Does it mean that nobody use frontends with raine anymore in windows ? - Big acceleration in the console for mouse tracking (which displays some underlying text in reverse video), and scrolling speed once the window has reached its maximum size (actually you don't even see it scrolling anymore, but the result seems good). Also added some colors and sorted the commands for the help command. - Improvements for the sound associations for real bout fatal fury and samurai shodown, hoping it didn't break any other game... !!! Get it from there : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html edit : I forgot to commit the sound association fixes to git, so they were not included in the linux binaries. I just rebuilt them because of that, 0.94.4a, linux only, windows had them.
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