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    The big thing in this release is a fix for the gui display bug in fullscreen, it's not ideal, it currently uses some deprecated api in sdl-1.2, I have tested it only with a windows 10/nvidia system (and linux), so I can only hope it will work everywhere, I'll need some feedback here. The idea is just to try to display the gui in opengl since the bug prevents a proper restoration of the screen to display a non opengl gui. Oh well, just switch to fullscreen, test and report ! Except that : - a dos version ! This is the result of finding a djgpp version of gcc in arch, read about it there : There is only a version using allegro for sound for now because it's the sound driver with the best results with "recent" sound cards, if you really need seal to support some extremely old sound card, post something ! - the status & clones settings of the game selection list are now saved and restored - there is a new cache for the rom directories, it was made mainly for the dos version in an emulator, but it will have an effect everywhere. If you use a rom directory on a removable device, a dvd for example, and you change the dvd while raine is running, the list won't be updated, you'll need to restart raine for that. - the borderless window was updated since it was useless in windows, now it tries to emulate fullscreen, that is, the window is placed at 0,0 with a full size, the idea was to try that against the bug which hides the gui in fullscreen, but it failed, the bug also shows with this kind of window ! I kept it anyway, now when you switch to a borderless window the window is maximized. - some fixes for -romcheck and -rcf, and fixed the archive name for bubbolbr1 Oh yeah, the download section link is now at the top of the screen, in the forum title, but anyway : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
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    Glad it's specific to an intel video chip ! By the way you can crash easily this version by changing from opengl to normal blits and then back to opengl, and playing a few seconds each time. Well it's still the deprecated api which shows here, I can't do much about it, it's safer to exit if you want to leave opengl and reload with a different video setting. Yeah I remember you already asked the version number in the tiltle bar... ah yes I added it when a game is loaded, but forgot when there's no game... You are really a version number lover, I guess it's because you keep a few different versions at the same time... oh well... it's done !
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