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    ARCADE 64 0.218 is released. Download location: https://arcade.mameworld.info/ Changes: - Not sure, because this intolerable heat has fried my brains. If anyone wants to make a 32-bit build please link them here.
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    ARCADE32 0.218 32bit avaliable (Compatible with Xp). Download from this GDrive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eiNztWEpk0C7CiiZXz0SMDM_eJOmb0FO?usp=sharing
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    i think that a list of games that have like gambling , tickets & trivia should be made for people to choose if they want them removed or not. me personally would like all above removed just leaving the true arcade games, if i knew how to compile i would just have an ARCADE build with just the working & working with problems games but i bet that would be hard to compile. THANKS
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