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  2. I can't take it, this is too exciting! You work fast, thank you!
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  4. I might have released 0.91.16 & 0.91.17 too fast, but this one finally holds its promise : all the cps2 games supported (at least those using qsound, gigaman2 being a bootleg without any z80 rom it's out of the list, I even added it to non working games !). Except that I finally added some breakpoints in the console for the z80 which helped me a lot to finish this. And updated the help for the regs and break commands, still in the console. Sorry for all the bad binaries lately, it should be finished this time ! http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html (refresh the page
  5. my bad, the linux version's fault actually because it uploads automatically the binary when ready so I forgot the windows binary was not uploaded ! By the way since then I improved it, all cps2 games are now supported, but since 0.91.17 exists in git, I'll have to create a 0.91.18 later... I still want to look at a few things with it anyway, so it will be later... Sorry for the bad links, and shame to those who didn't report it ! (it's fixed for both).
  6. I've got my copy, of course you already knew that I would be one of the first! This is what life's about, thank you Tux!
  7. The cps2 music detection was crap in the previous version, here is the fixed version ! This one is based on reading the code in the z80 rom and using directly a table which describes the sounds to play, so it's very reliable to detect if something is a music, but it doesn't work for all the roms, it works for the majority though. For those which don't work (mainly the oldest ones including cps1 qsound and the newest ones !) the sound commands dialog is simply disabled. Anyway it's good enough for me for now... sorry for the double release ! http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.ht
  8. It's released as 0.91.16. A few notes for cps2 : music detection is still quite experimental, it seems to work, but I didn't test all the games of course, but I changed the way I was doing it already. So the current way is on the sound command itself, songs seem to be < $100. Usually the sound dialog was displaying only a list of songs to test, but here with cps2 the list of songs is unknown, so it allows you to type directly the number of the song to test, but it's better to go in game to the song you want first, and then open this dialog, it should point to the song currently
  9. Everything is in the title, it's a binary only for those playing with sound associations to play with customized musics, look in the forum for details. This version fixes the sound commands for matrimelee and adds support for cps2 games... yeah all of them, even the cps1 games using qsound. It's still quite experimental for the cps2, but it seems functional enough for a release... http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
  10. * Mednafen 1.27.1 [Multi-system] - https://mednafen.github.io/releases/ * dgVoodoo 2.75 [Plugin] - http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2/dgVoodoo2/
  11. There are already ways to save inputs configurations, to assign a combination of inputs to a single input, so that's quite enough already. For kof inputs, mer-curious is the expert around here, so he might have some advice here. And editing the inputs in the rom would be too complex. Ok cps2 seems to work, it's much easier than neogeo because all the drivers use the same standard to pass commands, and there are directly voices in the chip and they seem to always use voice 0 for the main music, so I added something quick and it should work for all cps2 games... The only little probl
  12. This is actually why I came to this board, for any info on this subject. The number of times I have made what seems to be the perfect motion on my pad and the move fails. Then there are the complex moves, sometimes I have a 1 in 10 chance of pulling them off. Like KOF94, with Kings double strike -O O- -O \ | B/D O O if it could be changed to | \ -O x 2 B/D it would be much easier O O A moves editor, to change inputs to whatever you need would be an incredible addition to raine. Or some way of simplifying move commands as with this program softstick mo
  13. I was wondering where Mer-curious went for music, khinsider is where I got my Matrimelee soundtrack from. Will be trying a lot of different music for these games now. I will be grabbing all the KOF arranged music for the games that had no NEOcd releases. I used Audacity to join all the two part songs on KOF99 and removed all the silent parts, the result was spectacular. I could not get over how great that program is. Now it's the best version of KOF99 I ever played. After Mer-curious mentioned khinsider for 2 part song solution will take a closer look at those alb
  14. Actually it was something super minor, just the 0 command which should be ignored and was badly interpreted, the other games like kof98 just didn't use this. It was less than 1 line of code to add, but I added some comments ! for cps2, the concept is interesting, but I miss the courage now, I keep the idea though... !
  15. You could try using the soundtrack releases on CD instead of the NGCD version. They have the full tracks without any breaks. This is what I did with KOF2000 because it didn't receive a NGCD version, only a soundtrack release. You can find soundtracks for NG games on sites such as https://downloads.khinsider.com/. Just look for the releases which have "arranged" in the title (or "image album" in case of the Fatal Fury games). I didn't know Matrimelee associations was broken. It would be great to fix it because the arranged soundtrack is awesome! 🤩
  16. Yes for matrimelee, it's recognized as a kof game because the z80 rom looks a lot like it, but it fails, it doesn't have its pointers initialized correctly. This feature is a work in progress for most games, I might fix matrim later (and eventually add some cps2 games, at least for those they seem to always use the same way to send commands so it might be compatible with all cps2 games there).
  17. My config file didn't have that loop comment, will try adding that to my tracks. I'm going to try joining songs that are in two parts, to play as one continuous song. In the KOF games the second part of the songs are very good as well. Would be good if you could associate more than one track at a time, for all I know maybe you can? Matrimelee seems to be another NEO game that can't have it's music replaced, I spent a long time trying but got no result. Just to clarify, I mean with the CD versions of the songs as a lot of the music is excellent already on that ga
  18. I still plan to do a super complete games.cfg file with all possible sound associations and post it here so people can enjoy NG games the best way possible. But I need to check all SNK ports for Saturn and PS1 to see which received soundtrack arrangements. I know WakuWaku 7 did (and I've already added it to the file) so it's possible that others did too. Some PS2 ports such as Garou and KOF2001 also got soundtrack "improvements" but the quality doesn't even compare to the SNK sound team from the '90s (possibly because SNK bankrupted in the beginning of the 2000's). Anyway, I'm very gratef
  19. Works for me, I did a quick test on 3countb using a short wav file recorded from raine, the intro "sound" just after the neogeo logo, it works, it looped 3 times. I have in games.cfg for 3countb : 57 = /home/manu/.raine/raine_sound.wav loop57 = 1 By the way it's usually better to use mp3 or ogg for this instead of wav, you'll save a lot of disk space without being able to tell the difference just by listening to what is produced. For capcom games, no it's just that this must be done separately for each game, or group of games if they share the same z80 sound driver, and nob
  20. The config file from Mer-curious was extremely helpful, thanks. What put me off when I first tried, was the fact that the sound can go silent if you make changes while game is running. So you load up the game and make the associations then run it. Tux you outdid yourself on this, it's a remarkable feature. The only problem now, is the WAV files won't loop in stage, even though loop is selected. I take it Tux you have looked at doing this for capcom games, but ran into complications? Street fighter alpha 2 & 3, forgotten worlds, mercs and so forth, would be a j
  21. Basically the sound commands menu option allows you to associate an audio track (mp3, ogg, wav...) to be played instead of what the normal sound command plays. It's a game of patience because you must 1st find out which command starts which audio track. Mer-curious has done it for quite a few kof games and even posted its results in the forum with the mp3 tracks from the neocd version, and the config file containing the association. If you take his file, you'll have to edit the config file manually to fix the paths, but it should still be much easier than finding all the tracks by yoursel
  22. I've been wanting to do this for many years, can someone provide more information on this, thanks.
  23. WinArcadia 27.4 (Windows): 15 June 2021 AmiArcadia 27.4 (AmigaOS 3): 15 June 2021 AmiArcadia 27.4 (AmigaOS 4): 15 June 2021 AmiArcadia 27.3 (MorphOS): 2 June 2021 Super Bug Advance 1.3 (GBA): 11 September 2009 AmiArcadia and WinArcadia are multi-emulators of these machines: * Emerson Arcadia 2001 console family (Bandai, Emerson, Grandstand, Intervision, Leisure-Vision, Leonardo, MPT-03, Ormatu, Palladium, Poppy, Robdajet, Tele-Fever, Tempest, Tryom, Tunix, etc.) (1982); * Interton VC 4000 console family (Acetronic, Fountain, Interton, Prinztronic, Radofin, Rowtron, Vo
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  25. Hi, I'm lookig for FinalBurn Alpha emulator for BeOS 5!?
  26. * SDLMAME 0.232 for Ubuntu [Arcade] - https://sdlmame.wallyweek.org/download/ * MEmu 7.5.3 [Android] - https://www.memuplay.com/blog/en/category/release-notes * Emulicious (2021-06-07) [Multi-system] - http://emulicious.net/news/ * Cemu 1.23.0 [Wii-U] - http://cemu.info/ * Duckstation (2021-06-11) [PSX] - https://github.com/stenzek/duckstation/releases
  27. mamesick

    ARCADE 0.232

    Perfect. Yes, the fast audit is fine at my home. For something I cannot explain it crashes here at work. Maybe a RAM problem.
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