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  2. You can try if you want, it still accepts the same old command line. I suggest to install mingw32 not to become crazy with the command line in windows, but it's manageable even with cmd. You don't even have to put a rom in the roms directory, it will try to download it if it can't find it, but without any working gui, it's going to be very hard to use it ! Something like "raine32 bublbobl" should give some result... if you are lucky ! I can't test at all this xp version here, or I'll have to install an old version of virtualbox for that, with the current version all I get is a completely white window which closes after a few seconds (no 3d support at all for xp currently, it was removed from virtualbox). Yeah the only output with sdl2 is 3d, either opengl or direct3d, and for now it's opengl for everyone. Yeah I know it can be surprising for a 2d emulator, but since these days everything is 3d and these cards have a tremendous power, it's possible to use them even for 2d, and use them well ! Also for info there is very good support in linux for the old hardware, contrary to what there is in windows. It takes a while to get used to it, but it will work much better than what you have here in the end !
  3. -------------------------------------------------- simple menu requires 3d? :) maybe only command line support would solve the problem of working with XP
  4. As I said it was worth a try, but it's probably too old the 3d tricks inside, there is not much to do here, sorry !
  5. --------------------------------------------- 0.92x works on xp but does not show the menu correctly
  6. no cps1 & cps2 share the same driver there are very little differences between the 2 actually... Ok, I could reproduce the problem even if I can't do it 100% of the time on the left, I am also at 0% on the right, which is very puzzling ! No idea for now... What I did to test that : a 2 player game with shuma gorath against himself, so I switch the gamepad to test 1 or another, and I have the cheat "infinite timer" if I need more time... And very strangely at a time every tlme I loaded my savegame the left shuma did this famous move as soon as it was loaded when I am sure I did the savegame with nobody moving ! I overwrote the save in frustration, but maybe I should have kept it to understand what happens here... (actually it was not in frustration, it was because for some reason the change in commands had made that one of the joystick buttons was also a button to create a new savegame... ! Normally there is no joystick button mapped there, so no idea how it happened to be here, but my save was destroyed anyway!) something very strange for sure, but it's not easy to track these special moves ! It's not the speed hack neither...
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to check it. The name of the move is "Sonic Boom" in Street Fighter, not in Marvel Super Heroes. I call it "Sonic Boom" because it became famous with the Street Fighter franchise. You hold back for ~2 seconds, then front + punch. Shuma-Gorath in Marvel Super Heroes has the same move with both punches and kicks. There it is called "Mystic Stare" and "Mystic Smash". https://imgur.com/a/CNILYI7 I can easily perform it in the left (Player 1) side of the screen, but it's impossible to do it in the right (Player 2) side. I can only do it if I load another game first, such as a NeoGeo game or a CPS1 game. I've also tried loading another CPS2 game first and it worked with Cadillacs and Dinosaurs but not with Street Fighter Alpha 1. Perhaps because it also uses a six-button configuration? But Street Fighter 2 also uses it, although it is from another driver... Anyway, I hope you can figure it out eventually. Thank you so much again for investigating it! 🙂👍
  8. Alright finally taking a serious look at your sonic boom mer-curious... Just for info there is no "sonic boom" in the moves in the command.dat, bad start... ! And even on the right side I have some trouble to do it, it worked well previously, then I reloaded and can't redo it ! Oh well, I can already tell it's no buffer overflow, investigating the speed hack but I'll have to stop for now, more later... For the keyboard sorry, the whole key sections will be reset again in the next version : I switch all key codes to scancodes, that's because your idea of using qsd as default buttons changes with international mappings. To avoid that we need the scancodes. Which changes all the key codes again !
  9. For the keyboard, sorry this version has a bug which makes remapping keys almost impossible, that's what happens with work-in-progress version, specially now. Default mappings might work though.
  10. Yeah good idea. The latest binary shows in the about dialog "compiled on nov 29 2021, 23:01:59", and in "renderer options" you can enable/disable the integer scaling for opengl, it's disabled for default. And I just checked that the picture is scaled to the maximum possible ratio if it's disabled. If it's the latest binary, with opengl rendering and this integer scaling disabled and your picture is still cropped, I suggest you throw the computer to a deep trash somewhere !
  11. I will retest^^ in reality for XP it's simple: I used my 91.21 config file that I put in .92 and I noticed the malfunctions mentioned above
  12. Last week
  13. For the picture it's normal, it's the integer scaling in action, redownload the latest binary as I said, the one from 23:44, and it should fix that. For the menus there is probably a bug lurking somewhere, related to the length of your path here, I'll check that later. For the controls I am not sure there's something to do... Testing this version on other os, I tried it quickly in my win10, but didn't try any joystick, but there's probably no problem here... It was an interesting experience to try to make this work on xp anyway ! And it's good to have some smaller dlls again anyway !
  14. yes the controls are problematic. I would see tomorrow. Some fonts are too big too. and otherwise the display is not the same either, the image is smaller, as if we were in letter box or something like that, I could not say. old: https://www.noelshack.com/2021-48-3-1638313295-91-21.jpg new: https://www.noelshack.com/2021-48-3-1638313295-92.jpg old menu: https://www.noelshack.com/2021-48-3-1638313557-91-21-menu.jpg new menu: https://www.noelshack.com/2021-48-3-1638313560-92-menu1.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2021-48-3-1638313560-92-menu2.jpg
  15. You have better luck than me on my vm, Oracle removed the 3d support for xp, so my xp image is suddenly a lot less interesting... ! No idea for the controls... ! It might be something else lacking in xp, or not that stable, not sure for that. For now the controls are totally broken if recompiling for sdl-1.2, I tried that earlier, there might be a way to improve this, but it would be crazy to make an xp specific binary... I re-uploaded a binary at 23:44 because I had left the testing of integer scaling enabled in the previous one, which made the picture a little special... Retest this binary on the one with the font problem, if it doesn't work at least you saw it working in xp !
  16. i use multiple pc. 0.92x work on xp but on the other hand, I have trouble dissociating the controls of players 1 and 2, and depending on the game, the 2 controllers are recognized as one, it is very strange. There is something wrong with this level (not had time to test in depth).
  17. Ok, I built a new binary without this stupid dependence The others can test this if they want too, it's an updated binary with a few fixes, and the dlls are smaller since they are no longer the precompiled ones from mingw32. dlls : http://raine.1emulation.com/archive/dlls32-0.92x.7z binary : http://raine.1emulation.com/archive/raine32-0.92x.7z What was running the computer with your font problem by the way ? You might want to test that on it too...
  18. Good info indeed, that's some incompatibility added by microsoft for no good reason except another way to push people to update... I would say win7 was quite good, there's no good reason not to update xp to win7, except if it's a very old machine with nothing inside. In this case, it's probably a bad idea to use this sdl2 version, remember it relies heavily on some good 3d acceleration, not sure you would get that in your xp... Anyway I'll take a look to see if I can remove this stupid dependency (that's not from raine, it's from one of the dlls, the function is probably not even used anywhere). The dll in question in libwinpthread-1.dll, a kind of system dll, hard to do without it... ! The irony is that for this version I decided to use mingw system to build the windows exes instead of my usual cross compilation, thinking it would increase compatibility... apparently it's the opposite ! Well in this case I'll try to cross compile sdl2 to test, but no promise it will work...
  19. "In options ! Very hard to find ! "Min font size" and colors, then bg color. The game selection dialog has always had a transparent bg !" I remember using one of first Raine versions and had Bubble Bobble background in main menu. Only remembering.
  20. I don't see why, but I should be able to test that in a virtual machine... I think opengl works in xp virtual machines... I won't test that now though...
  21. In options ! Very hard to find ! "Min font size" and colors, then bg color. The game selection dialog has always had a transparent bg ! You sure it's not some kind of shader ? There is nothing relating to filtering in the cps2 driver anyway, sure about that, the drivers are totally separated from the core in raine, that's why I could change the lib it relies on twice already... The only filtering options are in video options / renderer options filtering is the last option of the dialog, linear creates this smoothing a little fuzzy effect, and nearest makes the pixels more visible. By the way I tested this "anisotropic" filtering, a failure, it doesn't seem to change anything for the 2d rendering I am using. What would be interesting to try eventually is an integer scaling multiplier. Previously it was used only in the normal blits, but since there are no more normal blits, it could be interesting to try to render the same way. I'll try to add something like that, at least to see how it turns out... So what you say is that your filtering is on nearest usually, and it changes to linear when you load a cps2 game ?!!! It would mean a rather massive buffer overflow somewhere, unlikely at this point, but... I am quite frustrated for now, I can't use the lib I usually use to detect these buffer overflows, totally incompatible with opengl, I'll have to make some tests with eventually the old version with sdl-1.2... You are crazy ! Or there is some kind of buffer overflow somewhere... but don't hope too much about that, it's rather unlikely, but I'll try to check anyway... Yeah the standard mapping asd which is used by almost any game to move in 3d these days, and 3 keys below that for the other 3 buttons. Not a bad idea, it's better than the vbn which was in the middle of the keyboard, and you can use the 3 buttons config as well as the 6 one. Ok, will give it a try... ! As for the keyboard, I didn't map buttons 4, 5, 6, I decided if someone needed them he would customize them ! But ok, I'll try to make something saner, but 6 buttons configurations are not ideal with these pads, I guess you are forced to use the left and right "shoulder" buttons for the 2 last buttons then... Yeah I know this one, but I couldn't reproduce it enough to fix it for good, it's on my wanted list... !
  22. and just for info. 0.92 32 is not compatible with xp. Even if everyone does not care I wanted to say it ^^
  23. @mer-curious "The emulator still tries to automatically assign the controls to your game pads, but the assignment is not ideal for many arcade games, especially fighting games, which work better with the d-pad and not the analog stick. Isn't it better to turn this feature off and let the user decide the best mappings for every game or driver?" In fighting games is good having both d-pad and analog ... charge move use analog and other move use d-pad. @Tux The screenshot https://ibb.co/rwftnG4 I had posted about a random issue that autofire config not is loaded and happen graphics errors in the menu to config similar how the screeshot above. I will use 64 bits version to see if the issue happen again. Tested in Lubuntu 20.04.3 using WINE. THANKS !!!!!!!! Raine is fast to startup and load any game. Not more issues when accessing the menu options in gameplay. I not understand if was because the new OpenGL option. Using OpenGL is much more fast and video output have better quality than Raine previous version. I had tested 2 times with a PS3 controller and both d-pad and analog had worked. In third time in same game the analog pad was correct, but the d-pad had changed the positions. left not move, down-up-right was inverted. I not had changed buttons or d-pad ... need use other time because WINE have issues. You want to return the background Bubble Bobble background in Raine ? Selecting background images to choice in Raine background that you like have a good look. Is good see any images from Taito remembering the Raine first versions 😃
  24. Where is this option? I couldn't find it to test it. But I'd still prefer a background without this graphical effect just like in the previous versions... I don't know if it's really bi-linear, but that's the most common filtering effect for emulators. It applies a smoothing effect to the picture. Take a look: https://imgur.com/a/rycFR0N The smoothing effect shows as soon as the game is loaded, even before hitting "Play game". And it also happens if you change one CPS2 game for another too, not just from different drivers/systems. Yeah, the problem is that I can perfectly and repeatedly perform it on the left side (P1 side) of the screen and can perfectly perform it on both sides of the screen in FBNeo. But I've noticed something interesting: I loaded Street Fighter 2 and selected Guile to perform his Sonic Boom move and everything worked correctly. Then I changed to Marvel Super Heroes in the same Raine session and I could perfectly perform the same command with Shuma-Gorath too! Now if I load MSH in a new Raine session I can't perform the move in the P2 side of the screen. Pretty weird! Anyway, I wish other Raine user could test it to confirm that I'm not crazy... 😞 What do you think of the FBNeo bindings? https://imgur.com/a/UFpbssk I'm sorry, I think I made a mistake. I was judging by the behavior we had in the SDL1.2 version, which mapped the Up, Down, Left and Right directions to the game-pad's analog stick, which is not convenient for fighting games. Now in SDL2 the directions are mapped both to the analog stick and d-pad. By the way, I guess there's an error with the mappings for an X input /X360-like controller. The middle kick and coin controls are mapped for the same "Back" button (Select in the PS2-style controller), which is not functional for 6-button fighting games such as Street Fighter. The same goes for the strong kick, which is currently mapped to the Guide / PS button. I haven't noticed that yet. One thing that I noticed though is a glitch that happens if you visit Video options or Console once a game is loaded. The GUI gets out of bounds and has a smoothing/bi-linear effect applied to it. Take a look: https://imgur.com/a/Gr24j02 I guess that completes this long post. Thank you so much again for your continuing support and development of this emulator. 🙂👍
  25. Well nothing interesting in your logs, but it's not the usual kind of problem neither. It's probably something very stupid. I can confirm that on my side if I rename the font to something else it prints it can't find it in stdout and uses the raster font instead, it's not the case for you apparently. And you have the same problem in 32 & 64 bits ! No idea, I would need someone who knows how to use a debugger for that, or at least a way to reproduce this without renaming the font to something else, without that I can't do miracles, I'd say just forget it, you just won't be able to use it that's all ! Yeah I just tested the 64 bits version in a blank new directory by downloading dlls64-0.92, then raine64, extracting all this in the same directory -> no problem. I can't do anything more here.
  26. RAINE (680x0 Arcade Emulation) 0.92 (c)1998-2021(!) Raine Team CPU: load_emulator joys no index found, 0 assigned controller 0 opened (iBuffalo SNES Controller) index 0 can't get any index, using 1 no index found, 1 assigned controller 1 opened (vJoy Device) index 1 This seems to be the first time you have run Raine 0.92. Please read the docs before running... also read raine.cfg. If you have any problems, please visit http://raine.1emulation.com/ Game controller device 0 added. Already have controller 0 64bits. got base 114a000 length 53248 got base 1137000 length 77824 got base 1132000 length 4096 got base 10cf000 length 389120 got base 10c9000 length 24576 got base 1134000 length 12288 RAINE (680x0 Arcade Emulation) 0.92 (c)1998-2021(!) Raine Team CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz load_emulator joys no index found, 0 assigned controller 0 opened (iBuffalo SNES Controller) index 0 can't get any index, using 1 no index found, 1 assigned controller 1 opened (vJoy Device) index 1 This seems to be the first time you have run Raine32 0.92. Please read the docs before running... also read raine.cfg. If you have any problems, please visit http://raine.1emulation.com/ Game controller device 0 added. Already have controller 0 32 bits
  27. I remember seeing something like that while testing stuff with fonts and the normal truetype font could not be loaded. Normally it should be able to use a raster font when it happens, but it was broken, and I didn't try to fix it since everybody is supposed to have this tt font... But with a "blank" installation, it shouldn't happen. Try to run from a command line, redirecting output to a file : raine > log and look into the log to see if there is something interesting... Anything special, it's some usual windows ? EDIT : yeah I confirm I can reproduce the 2nd picture by renaming the Vera.ttf file to Vera.ttf0, but no idea where the 1st on 2 columns comes from... !
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