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Finally got Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth for the PC.




This game is so seriously messed up, that Silent Hill gets second place at certain moments. I think I need to make a review.


Play this game. I command it. It will steal your soul.



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This game is really awesome. It gets really hard sometimes though. At the end I had to cheat because of a bug.
What bug?Yeah, the game tests your patience every so often since the fishmen are an unforgiving bunch. I love the different sanity loss effects.
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I don't know if you've beaten the game yet so I'll describe without spoiling it. At the end (last 5 or so minutes in the game) you have to run out of a collapsing area. I would always get crushed no matter how fast I moved. I needed to get a trainer to increase my walking speed to beat it.

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I actually overlooked this simply because I thought it would be sh.t.Better give it a try now though. Shame its sequels have all been cancelled... Im quite a fan of the original texts.

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