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The invasion of russian spam bots




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Yes that's right, it seems that these spam accounts are at an all-time high now. Message board across the known internet get spam messages from *.ru addresses (and most notably from formar bloc countries) containing dating services, perscription drugs, e-mail spam or just blatant hack attempts. Boards that use phpBB seem to be these spambots' favorite although this "infection" spreads way beyond phpBB as well.


1Emulation.Com is no exception. There is a good reason why we (administrators) screen and validate every single registration. Sites that have not taken such drastic measures as we have will get several new spam accounts each day (a couple of the more recent victims are the ZSNES Board and WhatTheBoat among others).



All things considered, a poorly maintained board will attract spambots and hackers.








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I know they can register on an IPB board, I had two register attemps on TRC by these spambots and all I did was delete the two accounts and ban the e-mail domain (mail.ru).

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I just wanted to say keep up the great work to the staff who are keeping a close eye to the newly registered users on 1Emulation.

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If any Russian mail order bride bots register then please let them through. I'm lonely. kthx.
I will keep that in mind.
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