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Dapple Experimental Build 1.01d Released!

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Dapple is a Apple ][ emulator for DOS.

* This is a conflation of modifications made by dosius and the "other developer"; the following changelog lists both our changes. Since this version is rather stable, I may re-release this as a non-experimental build, 1.10.
* This is an EXPERIMENTAL BUILD of Dapple. It is only for those who wish to be on the bleeding edge, or for furthering the development of Dapple. I am going to move this source tree to the main Dapple development tree when I can confirm that it is working properly. The developer of the new CPU core has much more testing software than I do and used the basic core in an earlier emulator project. I can only run what I have. It seems to work a little better, but as always, remember: your mileage may vary.
* Option to disable the joystick - this fixed problems with Hard Hat Mack on certain systems.
* Restored the debugger (partially rewritten to remove Marat's code) and rewrote the savestate code.
* Replaced the implementation of BRK with another one.
* Preparing to implement switching CPUs (6502, 65C02, 65SC02), but this is not yet implemented (and probably won't be until '03).
* Fixed a bug with double hi-res switching.
* Added back support for a 48K Apple ][+. (This included a bugfix to the original contribution to keep it from affecting the //e)
* Added support for a QWERTY layout on a German keyboard, which makes it possible for German etc. users to play Ms. Pac-Man. (Currently, there is no such patch for French users.)

* Somewhat improved handling of Ctrl-Break.
* Disabled shell, as I believe the Ctrl-Break fix broke it.
* /NOCAPSLOCK switch: keeps Dapple from changing the keyboard shift flags.
* Restored /Q switch functionality.
* Changed license: because when I was originally given the CPU core I planned to use it in a GPL'd emulator (Divet) and it was assumed that the core would be GPL'd; as of 1.01c, I have done so. This license is retroactive to 1.01 but does not apply to previous versions.
* Removed a "feature" that never worked right anyway - saving joystick calibration.
* Pruned the code: removed some dead code from binmanip.c.

* Replaced the keyboard handler to support Alt+key combinations better, thanks again to Andrew Gregory's emulator. When 80-column text mode is available, we will FINALLY have AppleWorks working properly - a key reason for any Apple ][ emulator. Yet to fix: get rid of ANYTHING that can sense Ctrl-Break, and possibly trap it ourselves at a low level. WARNING: When ALT is being held down, the keyboard assumes a US layout.
* MOVED THE RESET KEY from F9 to Ctrl-F12.
* Disabled Ctrl-Alt = Solid Apple/Option. Since the new RESET key is Ctrl-F12 instead of F9, it's not possible to to Open Apple-Ctrl-Reset. Now Shift-Alt will do the same, so that the self-test can still be run using Shift-Alt-Ctrl-F12.

* BRK opcode FIXED. Stupid me, I forgot to increment the address pointer and toss a BRK flag on the stack!
* Added another palette: that used by Dapple 0.2 and similar versions, and similar to some other PC emulators. It is called "PC-like 16-color".
* Removed exit debug display by commenting it out.
* Removed the last traces of 48K support which had been excised earlier.

Get it at - http://sourceforge.n...rojects/dapple/

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