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For quite some time (years), a certain troll has been posting abuse of my builds and of me personally, even though I have not said anything bad about him.

Now the time has come to strike back, and reveal this idiot for what he is.

He makes himself out to be the star programmer of MAME, even though he's not an official developer, and tries to run the project by remote control. He also has his own personal fan club who will echo everything he says.

For whatever unknown reasons, he hates all derivative builds, even though he himself released several versions of an incomplete build without support files.

Here's the quote of the day:

[]MameHaze 1 point 4 days ago

'arcade' is an incomplete distribution because the person making it is an absolute moron tho and doesn't have a clue how to package things.

I ended up trying to provide support to somebody using it the other day, spent a good hour trying to figure out why their HLSL etc. wasn't working before working out that the content of the HLSL folder they had was incorrect.

It was incorrect because despite installing the software the correct way (unzip the whole package) the person who packages 'arcade' is stupid and does not include any of the needed support files, meaning that it was still trying to use the support files from their 3 year out of date version of MAME, and obviously not working properly.

seriously, you'd be better off not trusting said software, the author has proved to be sneaky, untrustworthy and incompetent many times over, you don't know what you're getting. If you want things to work use the proper versions of MAME.

So let's see who's the moron. The instructions on the website state that you must download and setup MAME first, before installing ARCADE. How could it take an hour to discover the archive only has one file? Idiot.

So, people, do you think I'm "sneaky, untrustworthy and incompetent" ?

As for "providing support", getting support from him for derivative builds is like throwing firecrackers into a petrol refinery - it'll blow up in your face.

Where is this super-secret support area? Not on any forum that I've seen. Probably just made it up, like his many other lies.




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Incredible, he's still around. Wasn't he the man who "quit" the  scene a lot of times just to get more followers on his way? 

Pathethic and childish as usual. I discussed with him a lot of times in the past about MAMEUIFX and all always ended up in a pacific way just to discover after a while he was spitting on my work in other places.

My advice is just spend a minute to make maybe a good package with HLSL, PLUGINS and BGFX folders. I can also provive you my GLSL shaders that are obviouslyy not distributed with official package. So the kid will stop again for a while.




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I was thinking maybe of making a package, but it won't stop him.

He'll just come up with something else, or just peddle some lies to keep himself in the limelight.

Thank you for offering the shaders, it will at least give me an incentive to make a package.




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Another, way back at 0.182

Best front-end in my opinion (if you only want arcade games and not all the extra systems)...

It doesn't list any games that aren't arcade games...

Check it out...

[–]arbee37 6 points 9 months ago

That one was unfortunately not built on 0.182 final code and it's much less stable than the real MAME 0.182 release as a result.

[–]ChikinNugget[s] 2 points 9 months ago

It says it's for v182...

They're lying on the page?

[–]MameHaze 5 points 9 months ago


[–]ChikinNugget[s] 1 point 9 months ago

Fuck me...

Is it safe for me to be using it?

Is there a front-end that I should give a chance to?

I've used MAMEUI, MAMEUIFX and this...

[–]MameHaze 7 points 9 months ago*

Well the author has put unstable code and undocumented 'features' in his builds before, although there's no inherent reason to think it would be unsafe, it might not be as stable as it should be.

The problem is it's not built off the proper 0.182 codebase, and so stability fixes that were specifically put in for the release are missing, and code that was never meant to be in the release is included.

The answers by haze and arbee are mostly lies, but contain a little truth. The complete code for 0.182 is there, but it also included the first few days of the next cycle. That is completely different to what they are saying. And it turned out the reported crash was a MAME bug that affected all users of MAME. Not a problem with ARCADE at all.




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Source please? Well nevermind i found on reddit retarded users. Never ever read that junk.

Source from the haze account:

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