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MESS / MESSUI 0.146u4 released

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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

New System Drivers Supported:

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:

Skeleton drivers:

System Driver Changes:
-vt100: Fix vt100 to use beep instead of speaker. Some work still needs to be
done to beep.c since the phase needs to be reset in such a way that
keyclicks work consistently, in addition to beeps. [Lord Nightmare]

-vt100: Added missing dot stretching to the DEC VT100's dc012 emulation. See
EK-VT100-TM-003 page 4-76 for a description. Note the stretching takes
place after the character rom but before invert or other attributes.
[Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: hook up vblank interrupt (critical selftest now passes); add
layout for LEDS, beginning of skeleton keyboard support.
[Lord Nightmare]

-exelvision: use correct vsm rom [robcfg, kevtris]

-vk100: Correct the labels of several proms which were unreadable on the vk100
that they were dumped from [nigwil]

-vk100: attach keyboard [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: miscellaneous progress, slight cleanup to keyboard, stubbed and
implemented a bunch of vector generator addresses [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: figured out pattern rom addressing [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: implemented stubs for the rest of the VG registers
[Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: implemented or stubbed the rest of the io registers, left
SYSTAT_A commented for now since its behavior is unclear. Added and
attached the dipswitches to SYSTAT_B (though this may well be wrong)
Hooked up the i8251 uart preliminarily (ints not hooked up yet)
[Lord Nightmare]

-mc1502: added cassette input, keyboard input fix. [shattered]

-iskr1031, ec1841: split machine descriptions from pc16, remove hacks
from pc16 and ibm5550. [shattered]

-ec1841: mirror chargen memory at b800:1000 -- fixes video test 501 on
TPS (diagnostics) disk. [shattered]

-ec1841: implement memory controller (only for 1 board yet), no support
for remapping banks inside the board. Memory test in POST passes.

-vk100: WIP: preliminary gfx rendering; hooked up the i8251 interrupts.
Corrected dipswitch locations. [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: Initial implementation of the vector generator. Rather buggy, and not
really readable yet, but it definitely shows something on screen, and
you can type and see things change! (and you see a blinking cursor
too!) [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: further improvements to the vector generator, still not
completely correct. [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: FINALLY fixed the vector generator. Display looks relatively
sane now. Fixed shift and capslock being reversed and added
port_toggle to capslock. [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: preliminary direction support for basic vectors. doesn't quite
work right yet. [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: Add more debugging defines, remove some unneeded code, and
added more comments to TODO and to some registers. [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: vector generator uses "real" timing instead of drawing the
vector instantly. [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: update comments to reflect that the pr1 prom is clearly the
VECTOR ROM. Add notes about what each address bit does or is thought
to do. (the tech manual documentation is lousy, but is better than
nothing). [Lord Nightmare]

-geniusiq: Added PCB layout for the German Version. [TeamEurope]

-vk100: minor cleanups to variable names, documented as much of the
address info of the sync and direction proms as I could figure so far.
[Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: vector timing callback rate is now definitely correct; the tech
manual had an annoying error which made this hard to figure out.
[Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: figured out bits 3,2,1 of SOPS register and implemented
blinking and documented serial multiplexer based on these findings.
Also fixed a stupid bug in the display code which broke the reverse
video bit. [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: properly hooked up dipswitches through the SYSTAT_A register
bit d2. Got rid of some dead palette code. [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: Fixed the weird ordering of the dipswitches, so everything now
controls what it should. [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: Add the two previously-missing PROMs (not hooked up yet);
Update notes a bit, correct location for the main roms according to
tech manual (it turns out you count from the lower right corner
upward, not upper right downward). [Lord Nightmare, Balrog, Andy V.]

-vk100: Comment wrangling and some analysis of the newly dumped proms.
Still some work to be done here especially on the vector prom.
[Lord Nightmare]

-vidbrain: Fixed graphics corruption in Lemonade Stand. [Sean Riddle]

-vidbrain: Fixed memory map, improved colors. [Sean Riddle]

-mc1502: preliminary floppy support. Still not functional [shattered]

-pc: fixes the sound in Arkanoid, which doesn't use the 8253 at all.

-llc1: [Robbbert]
* Identified monitor keys
* Turns out new monitor rom is also a bad dump
* Added patches to make the system usable

-vk100: more comment updates based on shared info from VT125 tech
manual [Lord Nightmare]

-vk100: slight documentation updates, traced sync rom A4 completely.
[Lord Nightmare]

Software Lists:
-pico.xml: added more Japanese dumps [TeamEurope]

-a800.xml: Another small addition to the a800 softlist. [K1W1]

-apple1.xml: Added proper wav for aslite [Anon]

Source Changes:
-m68k: Handle higher-value constants in FMOVECR [R. Belmont]

-Moved TMS9901/9902 from mess/machine to emu/machine [Michael Zapf]

-AM9517 DMA controller enhancements, adapted PC drivers to use it

-pccga: ec1841 not only mirrors the chargen buffer, but also
byte-swaps it [shattered]

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