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Changes in Yanese 0.46

Version 0.46
  • * Minor bug fixes: Battletoads as well other games run well now.
  • * No debugger: It wasn't powerful enough and i did this emulator meant to play, not for dev. Anyway it had some bugs.
  • * Fixed "Window X" Behavior: Now it works well.
Version 0.45
  • * Scale2x: I coded a Scale2x routine for window at 2x and above. Beware that Scale2x takes high CPU usage particullary at 3x and 4x, not for older machines. If the emulator produces sound problems when running at this reolutions you should stick at "dot by dot" rendering and test. I show a screenshot below how it looks with Scale2x. Take into account that setting "Nes Aspect Ratio" implies Scale2x. Thanks to Shonumi for his excellent doc.
  • * Sound de-sync go away forever: This time i did it, sound and video sync are in perfect state. Thanks to James for the help.
  • * MMC5 back again: I put it back in the emu.
  • * Fixed several bugs.
Version 0.40
  • # New GUI added: As you can see in the screenshot above the GUI is much nicer now, it indicates Rom Name and Mapper, The green circle icon indicates that the mapper is supported, the red cross that isn't.
  • # Volume Control: You can right click while the game is running to popup the volume control window or select it via the menu. The volume is saved in the .ini file.
  • # Sound: APU channels output the correct volume.
  • # Fixed several bugs.