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Changes in Ootake 2.75

Version 2.75
  • 2013/11/22 2.75 released
  • - "Power-On Black Screen Effect" menu was added to CPU menu. When this menu
  • is checked, the state of a television at power-on (the screen display
  • passes about one second) is simulated. (default)
  • - "Configure Sprite&BG Buttons" menu was added to CPU menu. This is a
  • function for the developer. The button (keyboard is also available) that
  • switches non-display of sprite and BG is set.
  • - With Windows8, the bug that the file dialog occasionally stopped was
  • corrected.
  • * As for the Windows8 environment, the delay of the display (two extra
  • frames with Win7/Vista invalidated Aero case) happens. because the
  • drawing buffer(Aero with win7/vista) was not voidable.
  • If possible, please play with Windows7/Vista/XP when you enjoy an
  • action or a shooting game.
  • For Windows8.1, I schedule "Direct3D low-latencypresentation API
  • function" of DirectX11.2 to be used in the far future. I want to cancel
  • Input Lag.
  • - The speed and timing were brought close to the movement of a real machine.
  • In the start demo of "Asuka 120% Maxima", the problem that one frame
  • screen falls into disorder was solved. In the demo of "The Kung-Fu", the
  • problem that the upper part of the screen flickers was solved(reduced.
  • with even real machine it sometimes has the flicker).
  • - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
Version 2.72
  • With Windows8, when the file-select-dialog was displayed, the bug that the error had occasionally gone out was fixed.
  • With Windows8, when CD-Install function is used, the problem that character of progress display overflows was fixed.
Version 2.71
  • With Windows8, when the dialog was displayed, the bug that the error had occasionally gone out by some PC environment was fixed.
  • When using it in an old PC environment (model to which a graphic chip did not support shader 3.0), the bug of which the initialization error of Direct3D had gone out was fixed.
  • With a little power PC environment, at the reload of a game, the bug that the first sound did not occasionally play a little was fixed.
  • The execution file for "Windows 98/Me" was opened to the public. The operation test is not done. Please see "Readme98.txt" in the ZIP file about details and notes, etc. http://www.ouma.jp/file/Ootake271-for98.zip This v2.71 is the last file for Windows98/Me.
  • I began Twitter. (Japanese language) http://twitter.com/kitao_n
  • The happiness of the game is the world human race commonness. It longs for peace.
  • I think that it cannot do improvement & correction of the above-mentioned if there are many neither operation report nor defect report. Thank you really for you who reported.