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Changes in HDNes (2014/09/30)

Version (2014/09/30)
  • 1-2-2014: 1. Added "additional conditions" to the audio pack.
  • 1-2-2014: 2. Replace the readme file with a more in-depth version in pdf format.
  • 1-2-2014: 3. Fixed save state for various mappers.
  • 10-3-2014: 1. Added mapper 7, 9 and 10.
  • 10-3-2014: 2. Change the rendering from scanline based to tile based.
  • 10-3-2014: 3. Fixed the initial tab page which was changed by mistake in the last update.
  • 5-4-2014: 1. Fixed a bug with overlapping sprites introduced in the last update.
  • 5-4-2014: 2. Show the image file name instead of image id in the dropdown box and changed the size of some GUI components.
  • 5-4-2014: 3. Added a button for removing an image from the graphics pack.
  • 5-4-2014: 4. Added a button for optimizing the number of screen shots by removing redundant ones.
  • 5-4-2014: 5. CHR RAM games will now use the tile pattern in addition with the colour palette when comparing. So now we can make graphics for CHR RAM games which modifies the tile patterns.
  • 9-30-2014: 1. Added a small speed fix to the render engine.
Version (2013/08/27)
  • Reduced the slow down of capturing the screen.
  • Added the audio pack function. Currently I know how to make one for SMB only. (It can also be used for adding cheat!)
Version (2013/08/16)
  • Fixed HD pack for 16 pixel high sprites.
  • Fixed DMC channel.
  • Implemented grayscale function.
Version (2013/08/04)
  • Implemented showing leftmost 8 pixels of screen (bit 1 and 2 of PPU register $2001)
  • Implemented colour emphasis (not accurate)
Version (2013/07/19)
  • 2013/05/16
  • Added a function to handle palette swaps if not using auto generate. If you have a sequence of tiles with the same palette and that sequence of tile also have the same palette swaps, then you can use this function to simplify the process.
  • First, make sure your HD renderings of the same palette are stored in the same image file. The same tile in different palettes must be placed in the same location relative to the first tile of that palette. Then add tile mapping for the first palette as usual. After that, click the 'Batch mapping' to open a dialog box. Select the image file of the first palette and select the first tile and the last tile of the sequence. Then select the new palette, the image file of the new palette and the location of the first tile within the image file. Click 'Add mappings' and the program will add mappings to the new palette for all the tiles between the first and the last, using the new location of the first tile as reference.
  • 2013/07/11
  • 1. Fix a save state crashing bug
  • 2. Fix displaying 16 pixel high sprites
  • 2013/07/19
  • Fixed sprites not showing during gameplay in Kirby's Adventure