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Desire to win

Posted by Fatal Rose , 17 January 2008 · 1,884 views

K'Dash yells this to himself within his head, he is groggy, hurt, and
physically he wants out of this contest. But his opponent is
unrelenting. He will not stop until Ian is completely defeated. Ian is
facing the always dangerous Australian veteran Chaotica, Shoma is
watching and yelling out advice. "GET UP!" "HE IS EXHASUTED, TAKE
ADVANTAGE!" Ian understands what Shoma is saying, Chaotica has the
advantage but is utterly gassed, reason as to why he can't fully seize
the advantage over Ian and put him away for good. Ian is aware of his
opportunity but he can't seem to capitalize, to much pain, he is
bleeding from his nose, and he to be totally exhausted. Shoma screams
at him again "THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!" A sudden surge of
desperation came over Ian, while realizing this is in fact his last chance and
losing here would drop him down in the rankings and end his undefeated
streak. He somehow manages to get back to his feet, "This is a gut
check." he thinks to himself. He now has two opponents to fight,
Chaotica, and the wear and tare of his brutally battered and beat down
physical state. Chaotica runs forth, readying his final blow, he
telegraphs due to being physically spent. Ian can see the blow coming
and evades delivering a side stepping defensive move at the same time,
which was a double axe handle smash to the chest. It sends Chaotica reeling and
down to one knee tired and hurt. Ian knows this is his one chance  to
end the fight, he runs forth and delivers his signature 'Shining
Wizard' maneuver, his knee/shin area crashes into the side of
Chaotica's head, knocking him out completely. Ian regains his footing
and notices his fallen opponent has been put to sleep. He screams in
celebration and the crowd roars in approval. He is about to collapse
but Shoma rushes over and catches him before he falls. Shoma is
incredibly worried about Ian's health after such a grueling match, Ian
looks at Shoma as if nothing is wrong with a brash smirk on his young
face saying "looks like we have an update to my highlight reel", Shoma
laughs and helps Ian collect the prize money as they leave the
underground New York arena.

"So how did he do Shoma?"
"He won barely.."
"But he still won right?!"
"That's right."
"Hey Axl our boy Ian won, he is still undefeated!"
"Ok man well I gotta go, we are about to catch the next flight back to
Montreal, see you soon."
"Bye Shoma, tell K congrats on still being undefeated,"
"Sure thing, bye Diso."
"See ya."

Right after Shoma closed his cell Ian came walking up slowly with
somewhat of a limp.
"Back from the souvenir shop I see? "
"Yeah nigga, had to get a few things. Not often that I visit the states."
"Don't say nigga, foo! You aint black!"
"Eh.. Sorry man. Online joke chat sometimes carries over to real life."
"It's cool man, just flocking with you."
"Heh, don't come at me like that man after a fight, I am still a bit
on edge and feel a little shaken up, good God that was a tough fight…"
K begins to fall deep into thought, Shoma begins to suspect if that
fight has taken more than just a physical toll on his friend.
"Lets get on the plain bud, we can recollect on our time here on our
six hour flight."
"Alright man, lets go."
K was mostly quiet the entire flight, aside from a few short words
here and there and the occasional small talk not much was said. Shoma
(one of his best friends) did not say much either. The flight was long
and tiresome, K's injuries seem to stiffen up a bit, causing him
extreme pain once he stood up to use the restroom. Shoma was very
happy for Ian, winning such a big fight over a well known opponent in
the underground circuit. Yet he was deeply disappointed in himself, he
was defeated that night by fellow fighting upstart Agozer, a
Kung Fu master from Finland. Not only was he beaten, he was
humiliated. The fight was a huge mismatch and Shoma was easily beaten.
The flight was boring, eventually they arrived at the airport greeted
by there close friends/roomates Disoblige and Axl. Disoblige is a
young fit Chinese man, dresses very normal/casual, wears glasses and
always has a nervous smile on his face. Axl on the other hand has a
exotic European look to him, he hails from Romania, his wealthy
parents funded his world wide education, he has received schooling in
England, Ireland, and now Canada. He has black eyeliner on with
bleached blond hair, a lip piercing to on the left side of his bottom
lip. He is stylishly dressed in what many may label as "Emo".
Both rushed over to K and group hugged him, congratulating him on his
huge upset victory. Disoblige then put his hand on Shoma's shoulder
and told him in a sympathetic voice "Hey man don't beat yourself up
over this, it's just one loss man, you can bounce back from this!"
"I was knocked out in 15 seconds man…"
Axl lightly punches Shoma on the left arm.
"Come on man, look at the bright side Shoma, at least your not all
flocked up like K, he fought for over 8 minutes, nearly got himself
Disoblige then whispered to Axl, "You moron, that's not going to cheer
him up you idiot!"
Disoblige puts his arm around Shoma and tells everyone "Come on guys,
lets go hit the pub, we all could use a drink."
Axl looked at Disoblige with an awkward look on his face and said
"Fool, you don't even drink."
"But you guys do, I am sure they have soda there anyways right?"
"Hashanah flock you K, alright guys lets go."

They arrived at Cinders Internet Cafe Bar. "This is such a unique
place" said Axl. "I mean you find all types here, nerds, hoods,
Mafioso's, metro's, Gothic's, and us. Never a dull night at Cindy's".
"Don't let the club owner or any of his cronies hear you say that."
"Don't be a little biatch Diso, not like I can't take care of myself.
Besides he is most likely some little hacker basement troll, I doubt
the rumors about him are true."
"Well I would hate to find out the hard way, lets just have a good
time ok? No bar fights please."
Axl rolls his eyes and heads over to the bar, Diso finds a table and
saves it for them while they order drinks. His eyes begin to wonder,
scouting the entire room, seeing if there is anyone to watch out
for/avoid. The atmosphere is diverse, Goths to the left, nerds/casual
people all over, trendy dressed people, some guy across the bar all
steroids up playing pool. Pretty much any type of person you would
find in Canada is in here. It's a Thursday night, the place is busy so
his friends are taking somewhat of a long time at the bar. So his eyes
continue to wonder until they  aught a brief glimpse of a perfect
beauty. Or at least he thought that's what he has seen, so he quickly
started looking around, searching for her. There she was leaning
against the bar, he gazed at her side profile, everything was
perfectly well developed in all the most desirable aspects of a
woman's body.

He could just not stop staring, she turned and now was facing his
direction. She did not notice him. Disoblige has always been a shy
person, but this time he felt something burning inside, he knew that
passing this up would bother him for the rest of his life. K, Axl, and
Shoma arrived back with the drinks.
"Here is everyone's drinks, Axl had the cranberry and vodka, K has the
adios, and I got the Heineken. Who the flock would order a soda in a
bar? Oh yeah that's Diso's drink." Everyone begins to laugh but Diso's
eyes are too fixated on the true matter at hand (of approaching the
most beautiful girl he has ever seen) to really listen to whatever
ribbing his friends have going on.
"I'll be right back."
"Dude, what the flock! We just got back from the bar with our drinks, I
paid for your damn soda. Do you know how embarrassing it is to order a
damn SODA at a BAR?"
"Chill Shoma, I'll brb."
"Did you just say 'brb'?
"Ummm….. Yes, whatever."
"Why do you keep looking in that direction?"
"I'm not K, look guys I'll be right back ok?"
"Wait I know what he is looking at, or should I say WHO he is looking
at hahahah"
"Axl, please stfu ok? I will be back, I just want to walk around for a bit."
"Okay captain obvious, what should I do with your drink?"
"If the ice melts Shoma I will pay you back, see you guys in a bit."
Diso walks off towards the right side of the bar tenders table. Where
the girl is still leaning against.
"Is he walking up to that sexy chick at the corner of the bar? The one
with the plaid skirt and sexy body Axl?"
"has he got a chance."
"None at all."
"haha never thought I see the day, Diso is actually going up to a
girl. Never thought he would gather up his balls and do it. Why in
Gods name did he have to pick the hottest one in the bar? Hahaha"
"Aw crap man he is going to make an absolute fool out of himself,
should we go easy on him after he gets humiliated and rejected?"
All three at the same time said "Heellllll NO!" Group laughter ensued.
As Diso headed towards the bar he felt a heavy pit in his stomach, he
began to shiver a little, his heart was beating like crazy and he felt
his face turning bright red. Before he knew it he was standing right
next to her, trying to act casual/suave/cool. She noticed him, she had
a feeling he was there for her. Diso began to think to himself, "What
the hell am I going to say?" She began to speak to the bartender, he
could not hear exactly what she asked for. Before the bartender could
see to her order he quickly got her attention, "Madam." She turned her
head swiftly to see who actually called her madam, Diso quickly said
"I'll have the same please." "She smiled at him and said "coming right
up sir.".

"Wow, not many share my taste in drinks, I'm surprised to be honest.
Not many can handle it."
Diso thinks "Aw crap." to himself, all he herd was some exotic
sounding mixed drink. He laughed nervously and smiled at her, not
saying anything, just stared into her beautiful eyes.
She looked back at him in a friendly calm way.
Meanwhile from not to far his friends were watching from there table, laughing.
"This fool is just staring at her hahahaah, he's not saying anything,
making a fool of himself."
They began to laugh so loudly that Diso began to notice it, it
distracted him a bit, messed up his train of thought. She began to
look away then back at him, she started to feel awkward because he
just kept staring without saying anything. Diso finally managed to
mutter something
He began to speak in an uncharacteristic suave type voice.
"So uh, can I get you a drink lady?
Diso thinks to himself "Why the flock did I just say that?"
"Well I kinda already ordered my drink remember? You asked for the
same, I was shocked that you also drank it."
"Oh yeah. crap I'm sorry. Well can I pay for it?"
"ummmm… Well if you insist I guess…"
"Ok I will" Diso said with a smile.
An older man from a far off distance is at the other end of the bar he
is sitting and staring at Diso talk to this young woman. He is
somewhat engulfed in shadow, his white strip of hair on his head
stands out, his hair is long, his eyes look as if they have been
through it all. He also has grayed hair within his trimmed beard. He
is watching, waiting…

I was to lazy to go back and edit all the "Ian's", so for future reference:Ian/K/Wizard?K'dash are all the same person.
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The rival has finally arose from the depths of suspense!Bravo! Figured I would get owned, lol.
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The rival has finally arose from the depths of suspense!Bravo! Figured I would get owned, lol.

No rivalry at all my friend, nothing like that. Your story is much better.
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