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Most Liked Content

#359510 Mameoxtras v1.7 + Arcade Romset And Extras

Posted by fumanchu on 29 August 2015 - 10:33 PM

Mameoxtras v1.16u2 + Full Romset And Extras.
thanks goes to floydthebarber

So I added a Gamezfan's best of the best rom set pack and also a fully put together version of Mameoxtras v1.16u2 with as many of the xtras that I could find already included, like sound samples and artwork.

link for romset (6.1GB)(put roms in roms folder)




link for mameoxtras 1.17



link for new roms added to v1.17.

also here is a link for Tattyfurby's Artwork and Samples Pack.just put the artwork in the artwork folder and the samples go in the samples folder of mameoxtras v1.17.

#358877 Streets Of Rage Remake v5.1 (new update)

Posted by fumanchu on 19 February 2015 - 08:49 PM

Streets of Rage Remake v5.1
new update for streets of rage remake.




Streets of Rage Remake v5.1.

Streets of Rage Remake v5.1 contains over 255 additional bugfixes, tweaks, gameplay improvements, and new features over the original v5.0 release. Download the dat files in the link below and replace the existing ones in your SorR folder.

Please take some time to read the bugtrack to see all of the bugfixes, game improvements and new features of the v5.1 build.

full bugtrack
1. Changed command Alt+X to F12, as it was easy to press this combination by mistake using a keyboard.
2. Bug fix : Yamato temple has no music in the battle mode.
3. Bug fix : Graphic option positioning when vsync is enabled.
4. Game-breaker fix : Sor1 Stage 4, call police when the area is covered by holes makes the enemies dance Michael Jackson permanently.
5. The flames generated by police special cant enter walls or holes now.
6. Improved Max 3 stars move, now it's easier to connect the first combo with the throw move.
7. Sor2 Stage 1, Improved police car intro : strange jumps like Max or some secret characters.
8. Game-breaker fix: Camera freeze using Sor3 type camera combined with certain characters (Blaze + Shiva) in Yamato temple, construction site or stages with auto-camera movement.
9. Some chars can do specials with Kunais and metal bars now.
10. Z priority of sniper cursor fixed.
11. You cant walk anymore on the manholes that Donovan leaves (Sor2 stage1).
12. If you are banned from the store all the cheats are disabled.
13. Some graphic glitch calling Super specials (Alternate police) when camera is moving.
14. Game-breaker fix : Sor1 Stage 8, use the cheat of unlimited lives on the Mr.X fight : Player vs Player makes the battle infinite.
15. Game-breaker fix : Sor1 Stage 8, unable to walk if you hold a player with roll and run option disabled on the right timing (just before they break the door).
16. Added sound to rolling barrels in the construction site.
17. Bug fix : Corrupted Blaze sprites, if you steal stuff from the store and she follows you in the game.
18. Difficulty modes tweaked :
- Easy, Normal, Hard toned down, especially the difficulty in the last stages.
- Less speed on X,Y axis for all the difficulty levels (very hard and mania not included).
19. Seeker less annoying.
20. Bike & Jetski tweaked
- Some enemies removed
- Less damage from obstacles
- Some enemy lifebars reduced
- More damage from character attacks (punch)
21. Game-breaker fix : If you get an alternate route and the camera movement generates a new enemy wave the character will get stuck permanently.
22. Bug fix : Time wont reset on remake death type.
23. Bug-fix : Character can lose the position of a platform on the top of the train (wind floor issue).
24. Bug-fix : Interrupt boomerang intro (Antonio) with a police call causes a stage jump.
25. Cosmetic bug : Helicopter chain explosions will wait until characters neutral stance.
26. Exploit : Vaulting system had a bug on the 2nd vault causing 1 second of invecible character frames.
27. Exploit : Rudra F+A had no life decrease on "only time meter" (sor2 gameplay).
28. Elle character tweak : Increased damage and speed of main combo, grab, and a few other tweaks.
29. Exploit : Shiva sor2 can do infinite combo with pause delay in sor3 mode.
30. Invincible F+A for Sor3 characters added.
31. Sormaker Bug-fix : mod list with more than 5 elements had issues when changing to the next page depending on the position of the cursor.
32. Cosmetic bug : Police helicopter had Z priority glitches in some stage layers.
33. Game-breaker fix : You can cancel a Roo police call by calling it with 2player at the same time, freezing the game.
34. Adam character tweak : Increased speed of uppercut move (easier to hit enemies and avoid combo-breakers from bosses).
35. Bug-fix : Camera waits if the character reaches the top limit of a stage after a camera lock in sor3 type camera mode.
36. Cosmetic bug : Z priority of some enemies on intros.
37. Sormaker cosmetic bug : Layers can be displayed over the OSD if the Z priority is set to -250.
38. Some standing enemy fixes when waiting for a character to arrive.
39. AI tweak : Enemies will spend less time off screen.
40. AI tweak : Souther will care less to avoid characters.
41. Gameplay tweak : F+A now has priority over frontal attacks from enemies.
42. Gameplay tweak : Weapon specials and FF+B now have priority over frontal enemy attacks until the attack hit is not performed.
43. Gameplay tweak : Now you can perform F+A while you are being hit.
44. Cosmetic bug : Behaviour of Jack fixed when no characters on screen.
45. Cosmetic bug : in battle mode if the timer runs out and you are grabbing the other character, the game will wait until stance animation.
46. Bug-fix : You can hit Vehelits before he is even displayed by using Super specials (Rudra, Elle, etc).
47. AI tweak : Abadede performs his defensive special less frequently.
48. Gameplay tweak : Control input improved regarding running in the  opposite direction you are facing.
49. Cosmetic bug : If you press right on sor3 style jump while the character is jumping in the door entrance (Sor2 stage1-1) it can cause a wrong entrance.
50. Bug-fix : Knife, Kunai and Bottle have no damage using Elle.
51. Jet exploit : He will stand out of the screen permanently if you face the right side on a certain point of the screen giving us a chance to fight without him.
52. Cosmetic bug : Portrait glitch by selecting and deselecting the same character for both players on the select screen without sor1/2 switch unlocked.
53. Exploit : Steal things free of charge by using Alt+X.
54. Game-breaker fix : Staying on the edge of the Sor1 elevator when the stage is cleared can render the character unable to walk to the next point.
55. The stage with trap rooms now has only 2 possible different combinations. (Previously there were 6. It is now easier to find the required items.)
56. Exploit : You can enter bonus the room several times and earn more money than on other routes.
57. Shiva character tweak : he can throw fat guys now.
58. Players can do a recovery fall from an Ash or MrX throw.
59. CPU friend fixes :
- Now it will not select another character, palette or version when it dies and continues.
- Now will follow you without being on the top areas of a screen.
- Now will not skip player attacks if damage between players is off.
- Now will not pick up the police car item on the Prologue stage.
- Fixes on rooftop stage.
60. AI tweak : Enemies are more agressive on difficult settings.
61. AI tweak : Better movement and behaviour when enemies are surrounded by walls.
62. Walls and bomb control panel now give you points.
63. Cosmetic bug-fix: You can't move to the next stage if you are using a machine gun with the infinite ammo cheat enabled.
64. Now enemies can fall into holes by jumping back (invisible walls removed, except event mission 5).
65. Bug-fix : A glitch can happen when a player grabs the other player and while vaulting you do special attack.
66. Difficulty : Continues increased to 3.
67. Cosmetic bug : Portraits on battle mode results screen are not displayed correctly if you bought extra players but not extra characters version sor1/2
68. Fixes to text in some English cutscenes.
69. Bug-fix : Some thrown weapons can hit the player even with damage between players turned off.
70. Bug-fix : Some grabs can fail if the enemy was in a hit stance while you try to perform a throw.
71. Now if the gamepad is not found the game will display a text, instead of set by default.
72. Bug-fix : In some conditions the combo can be done without touching the other player with sor2 combo type selected.
73. Sormaker Bug-fix : The character selected by the editor could be wrong if the order of unlocked chars was different from the original.
74. Gamepads : Now buttons from 0 to 25 can be detected, so some pads will work now. Dpad must use standard controls instead of buttons.
75. Control panel can appear as new even if it was broken and you return to the room again. While it is broken the pause button will not work.
76. Bug-fix : after unlocking Events Mode, mission 8 appeared to be already completed.
77. While using Sor1 weapon type, you would drop the knife even if you intended to get an apple.
78. Some items will disapear when calling the police or in other situations, like the police car icon in prologue stage.
79. Characters can have blink animations while holding an enemy if you have just thrown another one.
80. Gameplay tweak : Easier to grab enemies now, increased grab area.
81. Bug-fix : Duplicated weapons if you throw them at a certain spot against breakable objects.
82. Sormaker Bug-fix : If a boss falls in a hole Stage clear fails.
83. Sormaker cutscene tweak : Now if a portrait is set to 0 the game will not display the frame, the border and sound from a sor3 cutscene.
84. Sormaker Bug-fix : Collision box and behaviour of the crusher improved.
85. Sormaker Bug-fix : Exit feature "Walking to" ignores "next scene" when selected.
86. SoR2 Shiva now performs a taunt when calling the police.
87. Vsync is now automatically disabled if the mode is not supported by the operating system or graphic card setting.
88. Sormaker Bug-fix : Police car intro sets 1p score points to 0.
89. If you set miscellaneous as default or default options using Wiz, the game will get stuck at the reboot screen.
90. Sormaker Bug-fix : Cody and Trucker cant have more than 1 lifebar.
91. Game-breaker fix : Game stuck if you call police when you fall in a hole on your last life of a continue.
92. Sometimes Galsia Sor3 have no shadow jumping from a container.
93. Hours of play score can reach now 999.
94. Sormaker crash : Set Add intro then remove the txt file will produce a game crash.
95. Sormaker cosmetic bug-fix : No visual effects on a bike crash on sand, water, ice footsteps.
96. Shiva sor3 voice fix.
97. Bug-fix: A gameover on Yamato temple will bring a corrupt Press start screen.
98. Cosmetic Bug-fix : Happy birthday on Player 2 can happen on a handheld.
99. Sormaker Bug-fix : Now "walking to" can be combined with breakable layer intro.
100. Sormaker Bug-fix : Free camera.
101. Game-breaker fix: Diagonal running can cause walking area error while bikers are active, even a game-breaker.
102. Stage 2 Scene 4 changes for better gameplay balance.
103. Added item on warehouse trap container (stage 4 scene 9).
104. Fixed issues with thrown weapons when player damage is off.
105. "Gamepad not found" could be displayed over the press start title in demo mode.
106. Bulldozer intro can be stopped before it finishes (stage 4 scene 9).
107. Ranking portrait could fail if savestates are used (blank or different char version).
108. Fixed Rudra combo when testing from Sormaker.
109. Bug on game options menu if you play events mission 7 or 16.
110. Abadede bottle opener fix on Skate Sor2/3.
111. Axel Sor2/3 now does a double kick when holding B button or in closer distances with a gun.
112. Bazooka does 48 damage now instead of 25 (however, little explosions are still 25).
113. Fixed number of lives to fit Sor3 style.
114. You now have more time to reach Roo bonus items.
115. HQ2x removed, was way too slow for most computers in software mode, filters reorganized on the menu.
116. Fixed infinite combo with Shiva Sor2 and Sor3 pause delay.
117. Sormaker Bug-fix : Snares can trap you while walking to the next scene.
118. Sormaker game-breaker fix : Breakable Walls combined with exit jump.
119. Game-breaker fix : Now you can continue if for some reason you died while exiting a scene to the next stage (e.g. snare trap).
120. Game-breaker fix : If both players are dead and there is a scene change, on the next scene the game will get stuck (e.g. helicopter scene).
121. Fixed full gauge bar penalty if you do a special while calling police or when a sub-boss is killed in slow-mo (even when the gauge is full).
122. Chars now can do a special while being grabbed by an enemy from behind.
123. Added new option (SOR3) on enable run & roll (BK3, SOR3*, NO).
124. Added new Shiva police special.
125. Added store points on gameover (NOT Screens of rage), so you can now accumulate store points without having to complete the game in full.
126. Fixed extra points on stage clear when police special was unused on a stage with police disabled.
127. Fixed status box of police available when using characters that can use police anywhere (Electra, Ash, etc.).
128. Char recovery time fixed, previously used Battle mode ticks which are half on the original games, now (safe land 60 ticks, knockdown 60 ticks, die 120 ticks, die in Remake mode 60 ticks).
129. Fixed a bug whereby if you throw a weapon at the exact moment an enemy is standing up from a knockdown it will damage the enemy but not the weapon.
130. Added easter egg on Stage 2 Scene 7 (jump the barriers on the top of the train without being hit).
131. Added maximum score table on Survival modes.
132. S ranking on Survival now gives 100,000 store points, finish any Boss rush gives 50,000 store points.
133. Added extra items if you beat all 22 Robot X in the laboratory.
134. Fixed Ash z priority in City hall when using Super running (Boss rush)
135. Dead bodies cheat- bodies will now move on SOR3 conveyor belt (stage 8 Scene 12).
136. Now store points will always be shown, even when everything has been unlocked.
137. Added CPU friend menu for Sormaker, CPU has been improved to work properly with mods (may cause problems with very complex maps).
138. Added "waiting" feature if CPU friend dies several times by falling into pits in the same scene. CPU friend will automatically rejoin when it is safe to do so (end of scene, start of next scene, or if you perform CPU friend call - see 139 and 140).
139. Added CPU friend call, CPU friend will attempt to jump to your position (push series button 2 times).
140. CPU friend "Waiting" can be disabled by performing the CPU friend call.
141. CPU friend was unable to use a special when only TIMER meter type is selected.
142. CPU friend can now evade chandelier trap, barrels, cars and sniper.
143. Added snapshots by pressing F8 (snapshot.png in main folder).
144. Sormaker : SOR3 exceptions now changes the behaviour of pits, you lose a portion of life instead of die. (this disables cpu "waiting" feature).
145. Fixed bug of recovery time from a jump recovery pit (rarely happens).
146. Sormaker bug-fix : Z Window reflection feature was wrong (set Z layer property to 30 or higher value).
147. Sormaker : Music for Player Select (64.ogg), Stage Clear (65.ogg), Gameover (66.ogg) can be added in Sormaker mods.
148. Added Savegame configuration for Sormaker mods, just drop a current Savegame inside the mod folder, options covered :
- AI editor
- Cheats
- Game options
- Video options (blood and shadows)
- Miscellaneous (camera type, sor3 exceptions, collision type, police, run & roll, combo delay)
149. Added savestate feature for Sormaker mods.
- Each mod has 1 slot, can be loaded from Sormaker list (New / Load).
- Cpu friend previous configuration will be ignored if you load a savestate.
- Savestates are created each time you pass to the next stage.
- Savestates will be removed if : Stage 1 scene 1, Gameover, Mod completed.
150. Sormaker : Cutscenes will now be shown before title " Stage X Start ".
151. Sormaker : Particle, P1, Seeker and Vehelits now will die with the boss (they were not able to run away).
152. Sormaker editor : Increased maximum layer speed from 10 to 20.
153. Sormaker : Fixed weird behaviour of conveyor belt when combined with a closer pit.
154. Fixed : Sor3 Wind can affect a safe jump from a pit, you could fall in again or strange glitches would happen.
155. Fixed the way RobotX works when in rush behaviour, especially from left to right.
156. Added star icon on the Sormaker menu when the mod selected was completed (credits.png has been viewed).
157. Added mod unlocking feature, if you want a mod to be locked:
- Create a .txt file with the name "unlock.txt".
- Type the name of the folder of the mod you want to lock (e.g. "Prototype")
158. Fixed : sometimes you were unable to skip the Stage Clear score.
159. Fixed : Wrong sound effect if you hit a wall with a bazooka.
160. Improved collision hit using guns against walls.
161. Added AI editor, to unlock you have to complete all missions in events mode or boss rush with all gold medals or S ranking in all Survival rounds.
- Search food (yes, no)
- Search weapons (sor3, sor2, no)
- X Axis walking speed (remake, 1..6)
- Z Axis walking speed (remake, 1..6)
- Block frequency (remake, one to eight)
- Evade (remake, ignore player recovery, ignore harmful events, ignore thrown weapons, counter)
- Attack damage (remake, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x, 3x), bullets OR thrown weapons NOT included
- Teamwork (yes, no)
- Apply changes to (both, enemy, boss). *boss incompatible with search food
- Apply to (game, survival, sormaker). *survival won't record any records, also incompatible with search food
162. Savestates will now save the equipped weapon or gun if the cheat keep weapons between stages is enabled.
163. Fixed collision map for bullets and thrown weapons when the player is on a bottom line wall (green area).
164. Patch for wrong user design of collision maps that cause several glitches when pits and jumping are involved.
165. Fixed : Enemies can get stuck while jumping on map collisions, on the exact point between blue and black area (happens especially with Haku-oh).
166. Several fixes on yellow colour (platform of collision map, however NOT recommended for general use, use only for upper platforms or learn how it works).
167. Some fixes to bugs while grabbing an enemy.
168. Fixed moving cans from Sormaker that won't detect collision maps, flying over pits or inside walls.
169. Fixed a few glitches on safe jump from a pit when left or right direction was held.
170. Sormaker fix : When you use the jump entrance and enemies are already onscreen they will fall, like when you fall after a death to reappear in the scene.
171. Fixed Galsia Sor1,2,3 knife walking when pits and walls are involved.
172. If for some reason an item gets stuck into walls it will fade away.
173. Cpu friend won't take an alternate route while walking by mistake.
174. Improved running animation of SoR2 Axel.
175. Sormaker : Added extra portraits feature.
- Create portrait.fpg inside the script folder on your mod
- Use sprites from number 500 to 799
- Portraits should be 44x44 pixels in size
- Use SORR portraits as always (no need to be added in portrait.fpg)
176. Sormaker fix : A cutscene between scenes will reset a music track that was set to continue on the next scene.
177. Added cutscenes as endings for Sormaker.
- Credits.png should be present in the main mod folder, set the jump to stage event to end game to enable it
- Each Scene of the game can have an ending
- Cutscene must be called credits.txt plus number of stage + scene (e.g. credits4b.txt)
- Single pics or animated can be added with credits.fpg (e.g. credits4b.fpg)
- Music can be added with credits.ogg, music will not repeat after it plays (e.g. credits4b.ogg)
- All files (e.g. credits4b.txt, credits4b.fpg, and credits4b.ogg) should be placed in the script folder
178. Some fixes for Zan, SoR2 Blaze, SoR2 and BKIII Axel bike sprites.
179. Improved the cutscene frame border, when set to 0, it will be invisible, but will return as soon as a portrait is displayed.
180. Fixed shadow of RobotX on fake Mr.X intro.
181. Collision map problems when pits are involved in some conditions:
- Fixed : Glitch with BKIII Blaze when falling into a pit with blitz move (=> + => + B).
- Fixed : All Blaze versions got stuck at high distance with knife blitz.
- Fixed : With all versions of Skate, performing the backflip move above a pit will not cause him to die immediately on the fall.
- Fixed : SOR2 Skate corkscrew kick on a pit made him disappear too quickly and he would lose a life, with no safe land jump.
- Fixed : Ash on his last frame of his bat special cannot fall even if he's above a pit.
- Fixed : If BKIII Shiva gets hit and get ups and falls in a hole, he will fall slower than usual.
- Fixed : Max, performing the powerbomb move and falling because of it will cause the character to reappear and then die. If the ennemy fell with Max, he can also reappear the same way.
182. Now thrown grenades or explosive barrels won't explode after a big delay if they fall into a pit.
183. Enemy shadow blinks when they are walking close to a pit.
184. Enemy ground reflection blinks on the ground when the enemy falls from the sky.
185. Fixed blink of shadows or reflections on Haku-oh background entrance.
186. Sormaker fix : Stage clear had a black screen if it was combined with an End Scene event.
187. Snow effect improved slightly.
188. Sormaker fix : If you choose to keep the same music track on an alternate route, you have a cutscene with no music and the next scene has a different music track, the game will ignore it and keep using the same music track.
189. Added enemy count from BK2, press A button on the pause menu. Unlike BK2 it will show scores for both players (including cpu friend) no matter who presses A (not present in Battle or Volleyball modes).
190. Tweak : Enemies on Bike and Jetski stages will not have their lifebars increased depending on difficulty, they will remain the same.
191. Stage 5 Scene 5 extended, now the jetski stage is an alternate route.
192. Stage 6 Scene 6 tweak, now the bike stage is an alternate route, you will receive some bonus items on the next scene if you take this route.
193. Now Sor2/3 Jet and Rocket can hit other enemies or players when they do their throw (drop) attack.
194. Tweak : On jetskis you can no longer hit the other player by doing dash moves or bounce by touching him, this helps to evade harmful objects.
195. Stage 4 Scene 6 : now you can walk behind the column at the end of the stage.
196. Sometimes you can't grab sor2 or sor3 Galsia when they have a knife.
197. Fixed minor glitch on OSD (a blue star will blink on player 1 after a continue).
198. Sormaker editor : Added new layer movement properties. (ONLY compatible on 5.1)
- Auto up fix : Fixes the layer problem on elevators that stop halfway.
- Auto left/right x : Automatic scroll layer that ignores player movement camera.
199. Sormaker editor : Added new shadows.
- Upper shadows. (left/right/center)
200. Wrong colour of axes thrown by clowns when they have a different palette from the original.
201. Sormaker fix : Black borderline on the background at the top of the screen when earthquakes shake the screen.
202. Fixed game crash when switching from windowed / full screen mode and Zan was used as the window icon.
203. Angle rendering of the sword when handled by a player or enemies improved slightly.
204. Fixed window icon corruption when switching from windowed / full screen mode in-game using Windows 7.
205. Fixed memory management issue that could cause a black menu background and other issues.
206. Fixed some behaviour of enemy throws against the ground when they are close to a pit.
207. Sormaker fix : The game could get stuck if the player dies and has no area to fall from the sky.
208. Sormaker tweak : Now sprite reflections are z -2, you can now use layers to overlap the reflection, the reflection will appear behind conveyor belts.
209. Haku-oh recovery jump should not happen for some player throws.
210. Fixed Z priority when the player or enemies fall into a pit, now they can fall behind platforms (layers).
211. The player faces the wrong direction when getting up after an after Abadede, Twins, or Zamza suplex.
212. Sormaker fix : Fixed player entrance if there is a pit at the bottom of a stage, the player will now enter the stage in a safe are (blue collision map).
213. Sormaker fix : Fixed police car on stages with a pit or walls at the bottom (however the police car entrance needs enough blue area to work).
214. Fixed Z priority of the Abadede intro on Stage 4 Scene 4.
215. Sormaker : Snares will be removed if they were added on a different colour than the blue area (it prevents some glitches).
216. Sormaker : Multi-platform added, you can now walk from yellow to blue (players ONLY, for enemies, yellow will be like blue).
217. On slow machines the music could start before the scene had been loaded. (e.g. Wiz)
218. When loading method in REALTIME type, some enemies won't show (e.g. Donovan car or Jet on Stage 2 Scene 16).
219. Tweak on Stage 8 Scene 13, now explosions won't hurt you when you beat Dr. Dahm.
220. Sormaker game-breaker design fix : Short scenes can't be finished with any exit.
221. Sormaker fix : police car hits any enemy, even if they have invincible intro.
222. Sormaker Tweak : now enemies can drop food or items when set to manual on elevator scenes (be careful, only 10 items max. on screen).
223. Slight improvement to Max front grab jump when walls are involved.
224. Sormaker fix : Chain explosions will stop if a boss is set on screen while its happening or if he was released before it started.
225. Sormaker tweak : You can call police now after a chain of explosions. (when camera stops)
226. Sormaker tweak : Diagonal camera should move a bit better.
227. Sormaker tweak : Trigger cars event now will not wait for enemies on screen to be 0 to be released.
228. Sormaker game-breaker fix : If you fall at the same time with the boss in a pit on your last life of a continue the game will get stuck.
229. Fixed : Enemies can get hurt while they are waiting for players to continue, even the boss can die.
230. Fire of Bigben / Bongo / Fat has been improved when walls or pits are involved.
231. Mona & Lisa tweak, a bit more active, better team AI.
232. Now bikes can damage players when the Biker jumps off.
233. Tweak : Jet bomb intro improved : Jet was visible from the bottom of the screen, helicopter explodes faster now.
234. Tweak : Jet removed from Stage 7 Scene 5, he was used too much.
235. Fixed character selection on Select Player Screen when both players use the same favourite character, cheat duplicated character was disabled and user had to press a button way too fast on the entrance.
236. Sormaker fix : Jump to stage 8 combined with Stage Clear will finish the game instead of go to Stage 8.
237. Cpu friend : Better behaviour on a chain explosion camera.
238. Cpu friend : better management of food at the end of a stage with no boss.
239. Sormaker : Increased speed of "End Scene" transition between scenes.
240. Fixed some invincible frames when the enemy falls from a jump (Especially on Ninjas).
241. Sormaker : Added object sprite replacement file.
- Each stage can have a different set of breakable objects.
- If the stage is called stage1a.fpg the object should be named object1a.fpg.
- Replaces the original object only if the sprite exists in the new file, properties and sounds are the same.
- Objects will have no name or portrait, however you can attempt using frame 24/25 for just 1 name mounted in 1 sprite.
- A point of control on 000 is needed, X center, Y bottom point.
(Only these available in Sormaker editor order)
* Explosive barrel - 158,324
* Table -> 346 broken : 351
* Chair -> 347 broken : 352
* Plant -> 154 broken : 155
* Road block Sor2 -> 156 broken : 157
* Bin -> 159 broken : 161
* Trash can -> 440 broken 441
* Barrel Sor2 -> 158 broken : 160
* Barrel Sor3 -> 162 broken : 163
* Box A -> 164 broken : 165
* Box B -> 169 broken : 170
* Box C -> 171 broken : 172
* Chests -> 173 broken : 174
* Disco table -> 185,186,187 broken : 188,189,190
* Road block Sor3 -> 177 broken : 178
* Mail box -> 179 broken : 180
* Shrine -> 181 broken : 182
* Wall -> 191,192,193,194 broken : 195
* Statue A -> 198
* Statue B -> 199
* Sand bags -> 214 broken : 215
* Vase -> 216 broken : 217
* Box -> 218 broken : 219
* Sign -> 221
* Container 1 -> 222 broken : 223
* Container 2 -> 224 broken : 225
* Arcade -> 235,236 broken : 237,238
* Container -> 442 broken : 443
* Egg -> 353,354,355 broken : 356,357,358
* Trolley -> 453,454 broken : 455
* Vent -> 456 broken : 457
* Pylon -> 458 broken : 459
* Barrel Sor1 -> 463 broken : 464
* Hazard light -> 465 broken : 466
* Road block Sor1 -> 467 broken : 469
* Phone booth -> 470 broken : 486
* Crate -> 484
242. Sormaker : Game will check for collision maps in case of entrance in position type, and will fix it if needed. (player 2 can get stuck in badly designed collision maps in mods)
243. Sormaker : You can now test from the Sormaker editor with a cpu friend, simply create a file called "cpu" in the main mod folder.
- Axel, Blaze, Skate, Max, Adam, Zan will be on screen from the beginning.
- Unlockable characters will use the continue option.
244. Shiva Sor2 and Sor3 (enemy) had shared voices when working at the same time.
245. Sormaker fix : Vehelits will not follow the police car now.
246. Sormaker fix : If there is no fpg file, cutscenes between scenes could not be skipped by pressing a button.
247. Sormaker : You can now cancel an in-game custcene by pressing the series button twice (it will not call cpu friend while cutscene is being cancelled).
248. Sormaker fix : Sor3 wind can affect jump exit from a scene.
249. Fixed hit the delay on the player when an enemy hits the ground after a throw or is thrown and hits other enemies. This should not happen.
250. Added SoR2 Axel backwards Grand Upper.
251. Sormaker : Added new cutscene properties for animated fpgs.
- Use control point 000 to align the animation, use set center for default.
- Use X control point 001 for animation speed (starting form 1, default : 8, except frame 1 which is 0 by default).
- Use Y control point 001, set to 1 to stop animation, set to 0 to continue (it will repeat if reaches the last sprite).
- Create a file in the script folder with the name "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7" if you want a new default animation speed instead of speed 8 for all cutscenes.
- However Control Point 001 has priority over the new default speed, so they can work together.
252. Sormaker : Added conditional ending.
- If the stage is called stage1a.fpg, create a file called "stage1a_end". (no file extension)
- It removes life bar, player, timer, elevator sounds.
- It starts the elevator automatically, to create scrolling endings.
- If a conveyor belt is detected, the scene will change when the cutscene ends.
253. Slight improvement to the ice slide effect.
254. Sormaker :
* Added a way to remove the "Stage X Start" intro.
- Create a file name with no extension with the number of the stage in the main mod folder (e.g., "stage1_remove")
- It will remove the text "Stage X Clear" aswell, only the  score recount will remain.
* Added a way to reduce energy to 1 point.
- If you are on stage1a, create a file name "stage1a_nolife".
* Added a way to change the behaviour of the bomb timer.
- If you are on stage1a, and create a file name "stage1a_bomb", you will go to the next scene after the explosion WITHOUT dying (no auto Game Over).
- If you are on stage1a, and create a file name "stage1a_next", you will go to the next scene without explosions when the time is over.
- To do an alternate path for this event, where you finish it in time, use alternate routes or a boss.
255. General tweaks and fixes.
- Max Hammerpunch does more damage when you hold B (24 vs 16).
- While doing Blaze katana blitz you can grab enemies now with no weapon penalty.
- Removed some invincible frames (e.g., Abadede running, RobotX smoking animation).
- BKIII Blaze now does 2 hits on the last kick of the combo (damage value: four + eight).
- RobotX will laugh at any character invincible frame in the lab stage (defeat all 22 is easier now).
- Increased damage of Elle's => + A (16 to 24).
- Barbon will now always attempt to throw the player to the area with more space.
- Roll is not 100% invincible now, only 3 ticks at the beginning.
- Enemies will attempt to eat food only if they have life bars over 72HP.
- Fixed Max back grab jump throw on characters (was 62 instead of 70, on enemies it was correct).
- Zan front throw damage tweak (24 to 34).
- Zan back throw damage tweak (28 to 30).
- Electra Sor3/Bk3 will stand up faster if the player is not around, or if she lands off screen.
- Added ground reflection on SoR2 Back Alley.
- Monalisa can now jump diagonally.
- Added a delay to enemies to turn left or right, which could help to grab them from behind (e.g., similar to SoR2).
- Made bullet collisions a bit more precise.
- Some fixes to physics when enemies or players hit the ground, fixes some speed problems on pits as well.
- Some tweaks to the throw distance of some characters.
- BKIII Axel's Grand Upper launches enemies a bit higher now.
- During a police call enemies now walk instead of standing (only if they have the animation).
- Elle will now hit once with the kunai or broken bottle instead of twice, same damage: 12 (6+6).
- Now you can call police while getting hit.
- Some tweaks and missing hitboxes added to Abadede.
- Fixed Ash cry animation.
- Improved hit collisions of Jet/Rocket (some hits won't knockdown when flying, included police).
- Enemies can block a maximum of 3 hits every 5 seconds now, there was a problem where they could stop blocking when having several life bars.
- Fixes to Bronz/Silver/Gold throw.
- Using Elle, sometimes enemies can get electrocuted by throwing other enemies into them.
- Fixed a collision problem with enemies thrown against breakable objects.
- Grab range for enemies improved.
- Hit collisions when the player is moving an enemy during a grab improved.
- Enemies will not fall if a player falls from the sky while they are in a grab stance.
- Now players can safe land from a throw if they are in the air during a police call or after a boss is defeated.
- Fix : players can do a throw/suplex animation with no enemy sometimes.
- Police call while a Storm is jumping on a bike makes him jump forever and glitches the animation.
- Enemies won't fall down now if one player does a police call while the other player is throwing an enemy.
- Added missing a frame on Haku-oh's back grab stance.
- Added missing a frame on Nora's back grab stance.
- Added missing a frame on Souther's front grab stance.
- Added missing a frame on Bongo's Sor1 back grab stance.
- Added new idle stance on Max.
- Enemy hit delay has been improved. (sor3 pause delay may work better now).
- NeoX can no longer shoot rockets while off screen.
- Fixed a glitch with guns that could duplicate them when you hold them, also fixes some delays while shooting.
- Fixed wrong energy life for Cody or Trucker on main game (hard or above).
- Improved Blaze Bk3 pistol animation.
- Improved Skate Sor2 pistol and machine gun animation.
- Fixed police man glitch when Roo dies on jetski stages.

i have also included in the download a savegame which has everything unlocked from the start,if you wish to use it then just replace the folder called savegame or gamesave with the other folder savegame with everything unlocked.
this is the full release so just ftp to your xbox hdd or use qwix 101 to make a xbox iso and then burn to disc.
this will also play on a jtag/rgh xbox 360 as long as you have the hacked xbox1 emu files installed.


http://www74.zippyshare.com/v/rNfiYOyf/file.html http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/pfhtUiiF/file.html

#361464 Mednafenx-nes - Nes Emulator For Xbox V15b14 (new update)

Posted by fumanchu on 01 December 2017 - 08:23 PM

Mednafenx-nes - Nes Emulator For Xbox V15b14
by madmab


MednafenX-NES - NES Emulator for XBox v15b14

Updated to madmab edition interface CFv1b32. See "Interface Changelog.txt"

* The option to "prevent rewind and rewind toggling" in the "Dummy/Lockdown mode" is now available and works on Mednafen emulators.

* Changes to the screenshot code to account for new directory layout when using "Extras menu" screenshot options.

* Game SFX volume is no longer saved with a game configuration.

* Selecting a NES palette was not only not "auto selecting" the emulator directory (D:\\), it was not properly returning you back to the ROMs folder (fixed). I also moved the ".pal" files into the "Palettes" directory. So make sure you create that directory and place the ".pal" files in there.

* Fixed issue where emulator would crash if it was unable to find the palette file. It also now looks for palette files in the "D:\palettes" folder. So make sure you move any palettes you are using into that folder.

* Fixed issue where in game menu "VS" options were not displaying when playing "VS" games only "FDS" options.

* In game menu options now properly display dipswitch/insert coin options only when using "VS" cart and "FDS" options when playing a "FDS" game.

* Added MDFN_FASTCALL function to all relevant areas.. in theory this should help speed up some games on the 'ol xbox!

* Converted all mappers to dynamically allocate WRAM as needed (for memory savings).

* Decoupled the PCE and LYNX cores to allow easier updating of code.

* Total memory saving from two above changes is about a half a megabyte of RAM.

* Added IRQ code to the FDS driver to fix blinking status screen issues with Druid and Famicom Grand Prix I

* Updated or added several mappers improving game compatibility. The following mappers were either added or updated. 1, 3, 7, 11, 18, 28, 29, 30, 35, 36, 66, 68, 79 (Nina6), 83, 87, 90, 103, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 121, 123, 132, 137 (S8259D), 139, 141 (S8259A), 142 (KS7032), 143 (TCA01), 144, 145, 146, 150 (S74LS374N), 156, 172, 173, 176 (BMCFK23C), 178, 183, 185 (copy protection), 189, 190, 202, 205, 208, 209, 211, 212, 216 (bonza), 219, 221

* The following games are working now. Aladdin (Super Game), AV Bishojo Senshi Girl Fighter, Bao Qing Tian, Blood Of Jurassic, Bravesoft_Windows_2000, Bubble Bobble (FDS Conversion), Chess Academy, City Fighter IV (Sound), Contra Fighter, Daiku no Gen San II, Donkey Kong Country IV, Dragon Running, Earthworm Jim 3, Exciting Basket (FDS Conversion), Family Basic v3, Family Trainer, Faxanadu Restoration, Fighting hero III, Final Combat, Great Wall, Green Beret (FDS Conversion), Gyruss (FDS Conversion), Hell Fighter, Hot Dance 20000, Hot Slots, Jin Gwok Sei Chuen Saang, King of Fighters '97, Korean Igo, Magic Jewelry II, Master Fighter II, Mega Man III Ultimate, Mei Shao Nv Meng Gong Chang, Metroid - Jin Ji Zhi Ling (FDS Conversion), Monty no Doki Doki Daisassou (FDS Conversion), Ninja Jajamaru, Ninja Jajamaru's Big Adventure, Panda Prince, Poke Block, Portopia, ProWrestling (FDS Conversion), Racermate Challenge 2, Rockball, Sidewinder, Street Fighter IV, Street Heroes, Strike Wolf, Suikan Pipe (Gimmick Bootleg), Super Mali Splash Bomb, Super Pitfall: 30th Anniversary Edition, Test Ver. 1.01, Time Lord, Tiny Toon Adventures VI, Toy Story (unl), Twin Dragons, Twin Eagle, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 14 people, Wario Land II, Wagyan Land III, World Heroes II Pro, Zanac (FDS_Conversion), Zelda - Triforce of the Gods, Zelda II Challenge

* Added the following games to the "bad header list" so they now work properly. Dancing Blocks, Genius Bakabon, Kid Nikki III, Lupin The 3rd, Lupin The 3rd, Penguin Wars, PipeMania, Toy Story, Wagyan Land II

* Added the following "Unif" mappers. FS304, KOF97, SHERO, 603-5052, 22211, F-15, 158B, OneBus, G-146, FK23CA, 11160, KS7017, BB, CITYFIGHT, DANCE2000, KS7016, AC08, KS7057, KS7037, LH32, HP898F, 8-in-1, MALISB, RT-01, SMB2J, 8157, 42in1ResetSwitch, TEK90, 64in1NoRepeat, 70in1, 70in1B, DREAMTECH01, CC-21, 810544-C-A1, DRAGONFIGHTER, 810544-C-A1, YOKO, NTD-03

* A bunch of multi-cart games playable now. 100-in-1, 138-in-1, 777777, 88888, 88888 (cool), 999999, Power joy supermax, Superarcade, 150-in-1 Unchained Melody, 1994 Super HIK 14-in-1, 23 Plus 222-in-1, 6-in-1 (MGC-023), Dance 2000 12-in-1, 125-in-1, 4-in-1 [FK23C8026], 4-in-1 [FK23C8045], 4-in-1 [FK23C8056], 4-in-1 [FK23C8079], 9999-in-1 (Anim Splash, rev 13), Super HIK 300-in-1 (1994), Prima Soft 9999999-in-1, Super 8-in-1 (with Rockin' Kats), 2000-in-1, 4-in-1 (OK-411), 106-in-1, 4-in-1 1993, 42-in-1 (Reset Switch), 45-in-1, 64-in-1 (No Repeat), 70-in-1, 800-in-1, Mi Hun Che (As), Asder 20-in-1

* Added several other games from the fceultraumm "bad header list".

* Updated the input drivers. Space Shadow is playable now.

Madmab Edition Interface changes

Madmab Edition Interface CFv1b32 changes ...

* Commented out a line that was resetting the refresh rate thus preventing users from taking advantage of "Force PAL50 Mode" to get 50hz speed in 720x480 or 640x480 mode (even though the screen ratio is incorrect).


Madmab Edition Interface CFv1b31 changes ...

* Delete game configuration modified to remove "inputmap.cfg" and "mednafen.cfg" for the MednafenX series of emulators.

* Minor change to the manual screenshot advancement code as well as fixes for Vice64 not properly displaying screenshots from the screenshot directory.

* Fixed issue where menu state was sometimes not being reset to MAIN_MENU when exiting a game (for example pcsxbox not starting because of a bad cue file).


Madmab Edition Interface CFv1b30 changes ...

* Fixed an issue where changing the software filter in-game would cause a crash (Neogenplus GX core only)

* BoxCart art and screenshot textures are cleared on game start to help free up a little memory before launching a game.

* Removed redundant code.


Madmab Edition Interface CFv1b29 changes ...

* Running any emulator on a PAL50 system with videomode 640x480 and Force PAL 50 set to No would cause a crash (black screen). Fixed. :)


Madmab Edition Interface CFv1b28 changes ...

* Fixed were it was possible to lower CDDA volume and MP3 music volume (background music) below 0...

* Fixed issue where setting the game screen size/position to other than Pixel Accurate would reset the flicker fixer, software and hardware filters to ( 0, point, and none).

* Fixed another case where the UI was not going back to the "ROM directory" when changing default directories.


#361084 (Sharp x68000) Red Riding Hood Cha Cha Cha

Posted by fumanchu on 03 July 2017 - 07:01 PM

Red Riding Hood Cha Cha Cha  for the sharp x68000.





#360967 Final Burn Legends v1.23 Complete Full Romset

Posted by fumanchu on 12 May 2017 - 09:19 PM

this is the complete romset for final burn legends v1.23.

it has 3885 roms.

thanks to donatelo for this.




#360474 ARCADE 0.179

Posted by Robert on 26 October 2016 - 02:56 AM

It's that time again...

As before, the releases only have the binary. Any other needed files come with the standard MAME from mamedev.org.

Download location: http://hbmame.1emulation.com/geas

If there's bugs, post them here, but take notice of the provisos in the Welcome thread.

Opinions plus and minus are welcome here.

#359558 [MOD] GTAVC-Leon Resident Evil X u105 (GTA Vice City Mod)(New Release)

Posted by fumanchu on 10 September 2015 - 03:56 PM

here is an upload i jsut finished for GTAVC-Leon Resident Evil X u105
by the wraith

play on an original xbox
just unrar and ftp to your xbox hdd or use qwix 101 to make a xbox iso and then burn to disc.

play on a jtag/rgh xbox 360
just unrar and ftp to your 360 hdd,you will need the hacked xbox1 emu files installed to play this on your jtag/rgh xbox 360.




This modded game features:

~Free Roaming Zombie Apocalypse!

~25 different skinned Zombie Peds on screen at once!

~ZOmbie's with zombie walk animation & zombie animation attack

~Fast style Zombies & slow style zombies mixed!

~Lot's of gore! Infinite Zombie spawns everywhere-even in secluded

~3 hours (close to 100 edited lines) of text that the Player
thinks & says.

~All of cities in Vice City is open, but only a few cutscenes
interiors are open.

~1 Resident Evil Nemesis with a gatling gun spawns to challenge
you every 2 minutes!

~7 Resident Evil playable characters featuring:
*Leon RE 4 RCPD
*Leon RE 4 (Charcoal Gray)
*Resident Evil 1 Remake Chris
*RE 5 Chris Redfield
*RE Jill Valentine (Standard)
*Jill Revelations [NON-H]
*RE 4 Jack Krauser

~Custom Vehicles including:
*1989 Batmobile
*1980's Ghostbuster's Ecto-1
*Anime Akira's Kaneda Bike
*BTTF II Delorean model (No Time Travel)
*BTTF II Delorean model (No Time Travel)(Replaces Hunter)

~Knight Rider KITT Edition (Mini K.I.T.T. Editionv0.9.1) mod

~Custom Resident Evil BGM + other BGM + RE zombie moans toggle (48 minutes)

~Weather mod, vehicle spawner, clothes/player changer, give player weapons,
drive on water, walk on water, etc

~DMagic1 Wheel Mod installed for anyone that wants to install
custom cars

links and mirrorlinks(6 links at 199mb and 1 link at 122mb)

http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/Cby74GoM/file.html http://www75.zippyshare.com/v/ML2u3SqL/file.html http://www100.zippyshare.com/v/uX0SClrP/file.html http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/H8wpB469/file.html http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/SvpUP99D/file.html http://www75.zippyshare.com/v/qiNDRiw8/file.html http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/lUxBKDO6/file.html


http://www.gamefront.com/files/25216534/gtavcrex.part1.rar http://www.gamefront.com/files/25216555/gtavcrex.part2.rar http://www.gamefront.com/files/25216576/gtavcrex.part3.rar http://www.gamefront.com/files/25216592/gtavcrex.part4.rar http://www.gamefront.com/files/25216622/gtavcrex.part5.rar http://www.gamefront.com/files/25216642/gtavcrex.part6.rar http://www.gamefront.com/files/25216656/gtavcrex.part7.rar


make sure and read the "[XBOX]GTAVC-ZOMBIE MANUAL" for more information,included in the download.

#358919 Coinops 7 Gold

Posted by fumanchu on 12 March 2015 - 10:06 PM

Coinops 7 Gold

by britneyspairs






Pixel Perfect - Resizing of games to the native / correct size on your HUGE flatscreen TV
Scanline Emulation for multiple systems - This looks great on Flatscreen TV's
MultiSkin selction screen
Marquee's for all systems - individual games can be added / made / located online if you make some, then share them.




#358898 Coinops 7 Standalone (new release)

Posted by fumanchu on 03 March 2015 - 03:02 AM

CoinOPS 7
by britneyspairs

CoinOPS 7 rebranded, optimised and polished....100s of tweaks....more playable games...more graphic and sound fixes....more scanlines....faster, smoother and more video folders....and now with a Showcase launcher....

3 link download
2 links at 150mb and 1 link at 149mb

http://uppit.com/o2zilrkeg7k4/coinops_7_standalone.part1.rar http://uppit.com/wivyrwyvrlzl/coinops_7_standalone.part2.rar http://uppit.com/qo0l1fzmazpz/coinops_7_standalone.part3.rar

#358813 Pcsxr 360 v2.0.6.a (new update)

Posted by fumanchu on 02 February 2015 - 12:23 AM

Pcsxr 360 v2.0.6.a
ps1 emulator for jtag/rgh xbox 360

release info


- Better sound. Thanks to ced2911.
- Better Gui with game cover and profile settings. Thanks to dreamboy.
-Two game view modes in game seletion both with covers(horizontal mode and vertical mode). Thanks to dreamboy
-Games will be recognized with the extension .bin, .iso, .img, .mdf so all the other extensions will be ignored (no more duplicated roms because of the .cue files, etc). Thanks to dreamboy
- Ability to load and save profile settings, including shaders. Thanks to cmkn1983.
- Add a game guide reader. I'm still working on this :P


- Replace all files.
-Two little homebrew psx games are included in the release to show how the cover(back or front cover) files must be renamed and how the settings work.
-Put all your games(bin,cue, cdd, img,etc) files on "games" folder. Don't use a separated folder for each game inside the "games" folder.
- Make sure to make a game profile before launch a game, pressing Y button.
- Make sure to load a game profile before launch the game pressing B button(the game must be highlighted). A message showing profile loaded and game name will appear.
- Press “Back” Button to change the cdr plugin.
- Deleting files from memory card: Just load the psx bios(.bin file) on bios folder. you'll see a black screen. Press “start “and “Back “ buttons to go to OSD menu. Reset the game(bios) and the psx bios will be loaded.


#358719 CoinOPS 6 R16 (new update)

Posted by fumanchu on 07 December 2014 - 02:42 PM

CoinOPS 6 R16 Released

by britneyspairs

Massive controls update to allow D Pad to work on Analog Controlled games.
This is a massive help to Cab owners and as many top games where unplayable to them like Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, F Zero X, Starfox 64, Afterburner II, Marble Madness, Sinstar, Centipede, Power Drift, Galaxy Force 2 and 1000s more

Hammer Away now Playable
Ave Fenix now Playable
Updated the N64 Cores

Added Support for over 2,000 more console games bringing the total list to 32,000 now
Fixed many game names like MDRIVE_Barbarian displays as Barbarian now
Other little tweaks on the road to CoinOPS 7 now


3 link download

http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/72028900/file.html http://www48.zippyshare.com/v/53106448/file.html http://www76.zippyshare.com/v/29081686/file.html

#358607 XBMC4xbox 3.5 (new update)

Posted by fumanchu on 14 October 2014 - 11:26 PM

XBMC4Xbox 3.5

home site


After more than a year’s work since v3.3, we are very pleased to announce XBMC4Xbox version v3.5. A large number of new features and improvements have been made since v3.3, including the integration of Python 2.7, improved video playback, updates to the skinning engine, scraper fixes, and plenty of bug fixes.
Key improvements:
Python 2.7 & API improvements

Python support in XBMC4Xbox has been overhauled, with the out of date Python 2.4 replaced with Python 2.7. This update, along with the addition of some missing API functions brings much better compatibility with Kodi (Formerly XBMC) plugins. The Addons4Xbox installer has also been updated, allowing many plugins written for Kodi to work right out of the box. The Python 2.7 update also brings performance improvements, and comes with fully working libraries for sqlite3, and SSL amongst others.
DVDPlayer updates

DVDPlayer (The main video player in XBMC4Xbox) has received numerous changes, including having the FFMpeg core libraries updated to v1.2.8 which brings a variety of new codecs, bug-fixes, and optimisations from the previous 0.10.x version. The libraries used for DVD navigation have also been updated which should bring better compatibility with problematic DVD menus.
Scraper fixes and clean-ups

We had a lot of broken and unmaintained scrapers with the previously version of XBMC4Xbox. With the 3.5 release only a few are included, but they are all maintained and working. We have scrapers for themoviedb.org, thetvdb.org as well as theaudiodb.org for music. Please do support and contribute to these open database projects, as the content and results are only as good as the information people have contributed.
PAPlayer updates

PAPlayer (the core audio player in XBMC4Xbox) has received some updates since the last version of XBMC4Xbox. DVDPlayer’s FFMpeg libraries are now used for decoding of some audio formats which means some of the old out of date libraries we used previously are no longer needed. This simplifies maintenance, and brings with it better performance and compatibility. The FFMpeg libraries are now used for OGG, FLAC, AAC, AC3,and DTS.
Skinning improvements

A variety of improvements have been backported from Kodi for the skin engine. This allows skins and features for Kodi to be more easily implemented. Thanks to the skin developers who requested changes/features and helped with testing. We currently ship with the same selection of skins as with v3.3 – Confluence Lite, Confluence, Project Mayhem III, and the PM3HD skin, but more can be found on the skin development section of our forum (such as the excellent Xbox Extended skin from Dom).
New branding

Thanks to SwedishGojira we now have our own project branding – our new XBMC4Xbox logo is used on our project site as well as for the XBMC4Xbox boot-up splash. Since the renaming of XBMC to Kodi, there has been some discussion regarding our name. I can confirm we are keeping the name XBMC4Xbox for our project. Changing it now would just introduce more confusion.
Transifex integration

Thanks to Kodi and their useful tools for handling translations, we are now using the on-line service Transifex to manage translations for the project. This means anyone who wants to help improve translations can now go and sign up over at https://www.transife...ation/xbmc4xbox and start translating the software to their favourite language via the easy to use web interface. The updated translations can then be merged back into the XBMC4Xbox code base by us.
Bug fixes

There have been many bug fixes around the software with around 44 issues on the bugtracker resolved/fixed as well as more reported via the forum. Thanks to all those that have reported bugs, provided fixes & patches, and helped with testing.

As well as the key features above, many other changes have been made with a lot of backported features and fixes from Kodi. Thanks to Team Kodi for creating our favourite media center software :) Thanks also to all those who help and contribute to our project and forum.

1 link download and mirrorlinks


#358268 So Today I dug Out My Old Amiga 500

Posted by miskie on 15 June 2014 - 04:16 PM

It always amazes me to consider how far we have come in such a short amount of time. My Amiga 2K had a badass full height 60MB SCSI hard disk. My 3K had an even bigger 300MB drive. Now the entire contents of both of those drives sit on a couple of PCs - taking up virtually no space whatsoever, alongside my TOSEC Amiga .adf files.


I remember downloading Amiga disk images from local BBSes using a 2400 baud modem. It would take me several hours to get one disk back in the early '90s.  - And here we are today..




I still have the 2K, 3K, A c64, 128d, TI994a, And an Apple 2 sitting in the basement. Last I checked, they all still worked :)


I also have an original IBM 5150 (The first 'PC') that no longer functions. I intend to casemod a new PC into it one day. Maybe when I get sick of looking at my slick. black Asus tower. Anyway, the 5150 retailed for something like $3000.00 back in 1981, and today, a free digital watch one might find in a box of cereal has about as much computing power as this tank did.


Check out this graphic -




Yay technology !

#358261 So Today I dug Out My Old Amiga 500

Posted by Superman on 13 June 2014 - 10:40 PM

Got a Gotek Floppy drive emulator delivered today and it works very well. It basically lefts me run all my games off a USB stick as adf files. No more floppies!











#355918 [Members Only!] Forum Attack System RETURNS on 1Emulation!

Posted by Alpha on 11 April 2013 - 05:15 AM


After over 4 years without a forum attack system, it finally has returned to 1Emulation! What is a forum attack system you ask? It's essentially an embedded video game within our forums that allow you to "attack" other members with guns, grenades, and various other weapons to gain notoriety, points, and money (credits). The more members you can "kill", the higher you can level-up! Much like Pokemon or World of Warcraft, you have to build your profile into a stronger and stronger character until it's almost impossible to kill.
For members who played the original forum attack system on 1Emulation, this one is a little different, but more or less the same. Just click the new yellow fist icon at the bottom of a person's profile to attack them. You can't miss it! 
+ Forum Attack System (F.A.S.)
--------> Support Forum
Enjoy! If you haven't registered on 1Emulation already, this is your chance! Register here. Hope you can join us in the fun. :-)

#354353 XTEmu and GeneralEmu dead? What da fuck.

Posted by General Plot on 03 May 2012 - 05:09 PM

Yeah, like I said in my final site announcement, it wasn't an easy decision, but it was for the best. To give an idea of the kind of traffic we were getting, one of our former admins (Emwearz) made a post announcing our 20,000th post milestone. That was in March 2008. On the day I closed the site, we had a little more than 23,000 posts, meaning that in the course of more than 4 years, 3,000 posts were made. For that length of time, that's low. And the only active members were some staff who made a post now and then, but return members were nonexistent.

I spent six years with GE trying to revive it, but I think we just got in the game too late. By the time the site was going up, general interest in emulation was dwindling. I tried to counteract it with posting PS3 hacking content, among other things, but nothing could draw traffic our way. Still, it was a great time, and we did have a pretty active length of time, which I loved. To all current existing emulation sites: luck be with you and I hope that the newer generation getting online will discover this great technology and bring a revival to all sites dedicated to allowing users to resurrect and preserve their favorite games. :matrix:

#354043 So I went to the Arcade...

Posted by Bambi on 15 April 2012 - 09:43 AM

So we were all bored this afternoon and thought....HEY! LET'S GO TO THE ARCADE!!!!!

3 hours later we were there.
I played tons of shooting and racing games but the DDR machine is what got me.
Here's me and Kiya playing, I lose horribly. B)

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#360795 (SNES) Super Thor Quest (new release)

Posted by fumanchu on 06 February 2017 - 11:29 PM

Super Thor Quest is a SNES homebrew video game developed by BubbleZap in 2015, published by Piko Interactive.

A classic arcade platformer SNES homebrew game. Help Thor to save Lady Sif from the Snow man! Super Thor Quest for SNES features four different levels of increasing difficulty in awesome 16-bit graphics and sound! Basically this is a Donkey Kong clone.



#358513 Coinops 6 r14 (new update)

Posted by fumanchu on 04 September 2014 - 11:57 AM

Coinops 6 r14


Bug Bash....removed a few little bugs I found while do a bug bash...

Added 3 player Battle Toads
Added A26_Halo
XBOX Classic games appear in XBOX games now. Game Dip settings now appears besides Cheats and no matter if its in Basic or Advanced mode....change away with lives and game options....



3 link download

http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/85615/file.html http://www48.zippyshare.com/v/39025618/file.html http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/87966429/file.html

#352806 Resident Evil GBC (unreleased game now released)

Posted by fumanchu on 05 February 2012 - 08:20 PM

thanks to people over at the assembler forums the gameboy colour version of resident evil has been released.
they dontaed $2000 to get these 2 biulds of the game dumped so all credit goes to the assembler forum members and to everyone involved in this release.
This is a big release.

Details - Cart 1

Most people are probably aware of this title but for those that aren't – This was canned around 90% into development (so so close to release; what a shame). It was designed by HotGen to be a direct conversion of the Playstation original. Capcom refused the final build in 2000 saying that they 'were not confident that the product would have made both consumers and Capcom happy'.

I am running this fundraiser for a third party who does not wish to be identified. I do not personally own this cart so please do not contact me with regards to a private sale. The ONLY way this will ever see sunlight again is via the fundraiser.

The build that is to be released is very nearly complete in gameplay terms but when you get to the door at the Guardhouse Underground Watertank you cannot open it (even though you have found and have the correct key in your inventory). You can bypass this point by changing some memory values and 'jumping through' some of the rooms but I think we will leave that for you to figure out; keep some excitement in it.
You have unlimited ammo and the Zombies are very slow so the game itself is quite easy. The Beretta and Shotgun work fine, you can find the Bazooka but can't get it to fire!
The only enemies which work are the Zombies; Jawn is in the attic as usual but he just stands there and does nothing.
Plant 42 is present but again, it doesn't work.
Most of/ all of the cut scenes are present and work but I am not 100% if any of the endings work.

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Details - Cart 2
Well after so many years without a single sniff of this ever seeing daylight, we are now blessed with a second cart! I am also pleased to tell everyone that this IS a different build.

I haven't managed to give it the full play test as yet but noticable differences off the bat are -
There is no 'Load Game' function available. If you select 'Load Game' you are advanced straight to character selection (As though you selected 'New Game').
Jill is not available as a playable character! Her ID is present but if you select her the game automatically starts as Chris.
Chris' inventory at the start of the game is different - there are still only 6 item spaces but you instantly have access to the combat knife, beretta and shotgun (all of which are selectable and working). The Map is also present and working.

That's about as much as I have managed to play it so far but I will have some time towards the end of the week to dedicate to more extensive testing and will update my finds as and when I can - this will be much easier when the tools to dump the rom are in hand!


there are 2 biulds of this unreleased game in this download.

again all credit goes to the original owner/s of these 2 biulds and to everyone who donated to the release of this rare game.

should work fine with xboyadvance.